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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

What an amazing experience!

What an amazing experience this past Labor Day at the Michigan Magazine Museum.

Our memorial to U.S. and Canadian soldiers who have fallen in the line of duty since 911 was both sobering and heartfelt.

What a tremendous sacrifice these men and women have made and whose families are continuing to make in the name of freedom. God bless those soldiers and God bless the families. We will strive to assure you will not be forgotten.

Even though the cold weather dampened the expected turnout, those who took part, both veterans and civilians, walked away with a spirit of love and peace.

Veterans of wars past were quick to share the awesome memories of their service in love of their country.

We also commend organizers, First SGT Bob Blevins, Director of OLD WARRIOR CAMP and State Sr Vice Commander for Disabled American Veterans from Engadine, Michigan along with Don Delory for his devoted and focused efforts in bringing the event together. Job well done men!

A special thank you to 92 year old Paula Pakka of Mio for her singing of the National Anthem.

That day we, personally, walked away with many stories to tell to you on future editions of Michigan Magazine. Stay tuned and watch for upcoming segments.

We plan on visiting the amazing Old Warriors Camp for an in depth interview of it's generous work. We also plan on personally visiting some of the veterans in attendance for one on one interviews on their recollections of pivotal events in their service to their country. Many will astound you!

Also a big thank you to all who volunteered at the museum doing what ever was needed to bring this amazing memorial to fruition.

We also thank entertainer and Michigan Country Music Hall of Fame inductee Jerry Mawhorter for performing a tribute to my late partner and friend...former Marine Dell Vaughan. Thank you Jerry from all of us at the TV Show, Museum and of course the attending family, Garnetta Vaughan (Wife), Jeffrey Vaughan (Son), Cindy Basalone (Daughter), Doris Painter (Mother-in-law).