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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Our Visit to Kenon's & Unexplained tweets!

Thank you Barbara Goodboo for sharing the history and future of Kenyon's Hideaway with us.

I hope everyone get's to view segment 1 posted on this blog.

Barb has more to share with us..So watch for upcoming segments

Our visit extends to a walking tour of the upstairs rooms and more on the hidden trap doors and tunnels allegedly utilized by the Purple Gang back in the days of prohibition. Some of those tunnels traveled miles to amazing leads all the way to the Graceland Ballroom...imagine that!

Our tour upstairs included stories and reports of alleged paranormal activities.

Barb's even been approached by "Paranormal" investigation organizations for permission to investigate....set up all that wild and wooley ghost detecting gear that catches "what ever" on video and audio tapes and other digital gear...Barb tells us she will have nothing to do with this point in time anyway!

Room 18 is of special significance. Here a majority of previous owners took their last breath...Room 18 is the only room that includes a recently added outdoor balcony...beautiful.

Nothing paranormal happened to us of any significance while we filmed....ALTHOUGH we lost all power to my camera AND wireless microphones while filming a newly renovated bathroom...the only bathroom that could be salvaged with much of the old fixtures. After leaving the bathroom and connecting room....power mysteriously was restored...

Even though our tour was in the middle of the day shadows in dark corners started playing with me...figuratively ...While Barb spoke into the camera I saw shadows darting in the corner of my eye...Everything we experienced could probably be explained very easily...but still it was a little creepy.

I'm not a believer in ghosts but I believe that the spirit of a time and place can remain in memory and possibly become a part of an area...physically. Now I think I'm sounding ridiculous! I don't dwell on such things so I'm not good at articulating what I think in regards to such things...(I'm rambling nervously)

NOT to scare anyone from spending some good times at Kenyons in the beautiful dinning area and the upstairs rooms....It's wonderful and a nice place for an escape or to bring the whole family...

You'll agree, I'm sure, as we visit more with Barbara on upcoming segments.


While uploading our first segment of Kenyons to You Tube for some reason....Not under my direction (that I know of) My You Tube Channel (spiritofmichigan) kept tweeting my followers about the "bigfoot stackings" discovered near our museum. It happened three times (the tweets that is)...What's with that?

Anyone else have this happen? Unauthorized tweets I mean?

Sooooooo I apologize for those who received the tweets about the must think I'm obsessive about those stackings (although they are pretty cool). I am not and don't want to dwell on the subject...enough said...

If you continue to receive those tweets...don't know what to tell ya! So sorry! It's not me...I don't think!

The internet....gotta luv it!!