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Friday, September 9, 2011

Memoralizing Those We Love and Admire!

After experiencing one of the most moving weekends of my life I have to pause and think...We MUST remember and never forget!

As I contemplate the Veterans Memorial we hosted this past weekend it is without reserve that I say TODAY is the day we must start remembering on a regular basis the sacrifices that have been made and are being made on a daily basis by those who served and are serving NOW!

If Michigan Magazine can do something to assist in this "mission" of remembrance and memorial-ism we will do so!

If God is willing we will hold such memorials on a regular basis. Especially for our Veterans...but not exclusively.

We know that there are heroes and heroins in the state and in the Great Lakes Region who must also be remembered and memorialized!

With that being said we now officially announce a drive to start our phase one of initiative. Or should I say continue in a more aggressive way to pursue our current memorial efforts.

Our memorial walkway has been in existence for over a decade with dozens of unique tributes to special people who have or are having a positive impact on lives.

If you would like to memorialize someone in your life whether they be a veteran or civilian...this is the most amazing and wonderful place to do so.

In doing so you not only memorialize a person but support our efforts to bring attention to the state of Michigan and the amazing things being done by Michiganders "off the beaten path".

Also if your business would like to say a few words of tribute to the Michigan spirit...we welcome that too.

Our plans of memorial will extend beyond the walkway into a dynamic and beautiful garden setting...A site of contemplation and meditation. A site to remember and rejoice in lives well lived! A site of inspiration.

Please help us not forget!

Call now (989) 848-2246 or email for an application. Or you may PRINT / COMPLETE / and SEND This Application!

For more information on our Memorial Walkway we invite you to click here!