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On The Road in N. Michigan 2012! Slideshow Slideshow

On The Road in N. Michigan 2012! Slideshow Slideshow: TripAdvisor™ TripWow ★ On The Road in N. Michigan 2012! Slideshow Slideshow ★ to South Branch, Rose City and Mio. Stunning free travel slideshows on TripAdvisor


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For a small $3 donation to the Michigan Magazine Museum (501(C)3) a qualified appraiser will appraise the value of your items. (Please NO coins or Jewelry). If you've ever wondered "what IT is worth" SATURDAY'S THE DAY TO FIND OUT!

The Michigan Magazine Museum is located at 3309 N. Abbe Rd, Comins, Michigan..That's midway between Fairview & Comins on M33 in Oscoda county. The Museum is on the West Side of the road...Can't miss it!

We'll see you there! PHONE: (989) 848-2246. HAPPY MEMORIAL DAY WEEKEND!!


Friday, May 4, 2012


Host Dwayne Leforge of MAKE IT HAPPEN Walks Again!

The road may be difficult but with hope and incredible determination Dwayne begins intensive therapy with his new prosthesis.

The prosthetic, created by West Branch Orthotec, demands a determined and dedicated recipient to MAKE IT HAPPEN!

As we witnessed yesterday, in person, the fitting process and Dwayne's efforts to walk again, we were impressed with the determination of our new Michigan Magazine co-host to set an example of what can be done by the physically challenged if they just knew who to turn to and what to do!

That's the essence of Dwayne's mission. To prove one's dreams can still exist and be accomplished if one learns how to condition one's self to look at the world thru new "glasses" and take advantage of avenues that open up unexpectedly.

In other words "spot" the opportunities and MAKE IT HAPPEN! Never give up until you find a way.

That's what our new series is all about. Dwayne is creating a network of "possibilities" through "action".

Dwayne and Michigan Magazine TV plan to be "there for you" if you are physically challenged or a care giver of the challenged.

If everyone else says NO...Give Dwayne a call and watch him MAKE IT HAPPEN!

On the second episode, scheduled for airing May 8th and 9th on RFD TV you witness Dwayne and son Joe begin the process of creating the MAKE IT HAPPEN Network with a visit to an area Senior Center in Ogemaw county to discuss and garner support to get the job done.

Also watch for an upcoming segment featuring Dwayne's journey turned mission to walk again.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

About Make It Happen!


My name is Dwayne LeForge and this is a short story about my motorcycle accident that occurred in 2000.

Waking up after 18 days in a comma and having a 7% chance of living, I was told by my son that I had lost my left leg and had a broken neck, back, left arm and broken right leg. I thought for a brief moment I wanted to give up. However after seeing my wife and son by my side, I knew I had to fight and I refused to accept this and set my focus on the future and Making it Happen! After 18 months in the hospital before coming home. Leaving me bound to a wheelchair losing one leg and with many other limitations I Made it Happen! (with help from some great Doctors) With the support of family and friends I have been able to achieve some goals but still fight to achieve more! I was told I would never walk but have managed to have an artificial leg made and can stand for 20 MINUTES! I CAN NOW TAKE A FEW STEPS!!!! YOU can do anything you set your mind to doing! Events that I once took for granted are now my goals and helping others believe they too can MAKE IT HAPPEN!

Please email us with your comments and concerns. Email: PHONE: (989) 941-INFO (4636)

Together we can MAKE IT HAPPEN!


P.S. A special Thank you, to my Mother Edith LeForge and my Sister Ruth Ann Worley, for fighting for my life. The doctors did not want to put me back together and your extra effort saved me from being a donor!

MICHIGAN MAGAZINE TV is working on the next MAKE IT HAPPEN segment devoted to America's physically challenged. While we are doing that....the crew at MAKE IT HAPPEN is busy constructing their new website! Stop by for a look at their progress and learn more about how you can HELP US MAKE IT HAPPEN!


Wednesday, April 18, 2012

THE BEST ANIMAL SHELTER IN THE WORLD!...This is soooo great we just had to share!! Wash. Animal Rescue League: An Animal Shelter Like No Other!

Grand Opening of 70 mile North Eastern State Trail

SAVE THE DATE on Saturday, June 23, 2012 Grand Opening of 70 mile North Eastern State Trail (NEST) A recreational trail that connects Alpena to Cheboygan. The Top of Michigan Trails Council, along with state and local officials, businesses and chambers of commerce announce the GRAND, grand opening of the NEST. The NEST is a ten foot wide trail constructed of crushed packed limestone, creating a link across northeast Michigan on the former Detroit to Mackinac Railroad. The trail connects Alpena, Posen, Millersburg, Onaway and Cheboygan. “This is a beautiful rural trail going through farmland, across many rivers and streams, through emergent wetlands, small towns and parks and along the east side of Mullett Lake; this trail is a true gem,” said Emily Meyerson, Trailways Coordinator for the Top of Michigan Trails Council. The planned celebration include simultaneous ribbon cutting events at 8:30 a.m. in Alpena, Posen, Hawks, Millersburg, Tower, Aloha and Cheboygan where local officials can celebrate the trail in their community. The Ribbon Cuttings will be the starting point for different length bike rides which will take riders to Onaway. From 12:00 to 2:00 in Onaway there will be the celebration lunch and trail dedication. There are plans for live entertainment, vendor booths and prizes. Those registered for the ride will receive a grand opening t-shirt, entry into a prize drawing, transportation back to their car and a great lunch provided by Manzana’s of Onaway. Individuals and families can also just register for lunch. For more information and registration information go to the Trails Council‘s website at We thank our generous sponsors who are helping to put on this event: Alpena Regional Medical Center, Alpena Orthopaedic Associates, Moran Iron Works, Presque Isle Electric and Gas, Rieth- Riley and Citizens National Bank.

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Friday, April 6, 2012

Chris Tomlin - I will rise...Have a blessed Easter......


Tremendous turnout at Townhall Meeting, in Houghton Lake/Prudenville, for FINDING BIGFOOT series!

Entire cast there to interact with locals and plan 11 day investigation in N. Michigan. All this will make for great conversation at our Third Annual Bigfoot Bash at the Michigan Magazine Museum last weekend in July! Hope to see you all there....especially those at last night's meeting who where singled out to take part in the "recreations" and actual investigation.

Air date for N. Michigan segments tentatively set for September...But as crew told me this is a very big TENTATIVELY. I know how that goes! Of course we were not allowed to take any video or pictures. Understandable.

I believe one or two of the local newspapers were allowed to take for that in your local newspaper.

Do I believe?...Well after last night's meeting with all those who had stories to!..It's hard not to believe SOMETHING'S out there!

FINDING BIGFOOT on Animal Planet!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

MAKE IT HAPPEN! A new Michigan Magazine Segment

Join us as we introduce you to the LeForge family of West Branch, Michigan as they deal with and break through the confusion and barriers of the physically challenged! You, as a viewer, are invited to join us in the mission to MAKE IT HAPPEN for the physically challenged!

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"Lemonade: Detroit" Producer Video


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"Michigan Girl"

very nice! I Love it...I think you'll enjoy this lovely ladies sentiments of our home state!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Next The Artists of Jordan Valley Glassworks The Breakfast at the Flour ...

Incredible glass artistry of the Baver family...then great food at a unique restaurant that is more then JUST a restaurant in Harrisville on Michigan's sunrise side..The Flour Garden!

Movie Preview.wmv

Random Images

Nothing is more beautiful then to stop and acknowledge the beauty of Michigan's wilderness at it's most natural....through the lens of Michigan photographer James Sherwood of Oscoda county Michigan. You can appreciate James' work this coming year at the Michigan Magazine Museum. Pause for just a bit now and enjoy this moment. A gift from James to you!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Giant State-wide Community Yard Sale May 26th!

We are sooooo excited about our first big event of 2012 at the Michigan Magazine Museum located midway between Comins and Fairview on M33 in OSCODA COUNTY!

The event is open to clean out your home, garage & barn and come out to set up at the museum..we've go lots of room for everyone...SPACE COST is a suggested $5.00 donation to the museum!


Sunday, February 12, 2012


Don't forget our big STATEWIDE YARD SALE coming to the Michigan Magazine Museum May 26th!

All are welcome to set up...whether you're cleaning out your garage or attic...OR EVEN IF YOUR A BUSINESS wanting to make room for Spring by bringing your clearance items....this is the time! You bring your own set up ie: tables, chairs or commercial displays.....we'll find a place for ya!

Email us now if yor're interested at and we'll reserve your space! This is Memorial Day weekend and traffic should be great! If you'd like to talk to us call our Michigan Magazine Studio Phone number (989) 272-5606 leave your name, number and interest and we'll return your call first chance we get!


Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Next we dine on fresh Lake Superior Whitefish & trout at Rock Harbor Lod...

What a feast we experienced on our Isle Royal adventure....And we thought it would be all isolation and roughing it...Nice to know that this National Park boasts gourmet Lake trout and fresh whitefish. Join us in the kitchen as they prepare a feast. Then on this upcoming show Feb 7th and 8th on RFD TV we visit a St Louis Michigan man whose obsession with the Big Mac Bridge inspires him to construct his own out his front door.

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Intarsia Artist Reuel Detweiler of Fairview Michigan

So glad you could join us LIVE on Ustream TV.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Jan 24 & 25 KENYON'S HIDE A WAY PT 2

If you enjoy a good Michigan Mystery you'll enjoy our next visit to Kenyon's as Barb takes us on a room by room tour of this century old landmark hotel! Things definitely go "bump" in the night AND in the middle of the afternoon when we you'll see!