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Sunday, June 29, 2014

WE ARE THE ONES NEEDING RESCUE!!!!....That's and me!

We have ooooodles of dogs, cats, and a variety of four legged and feathered friends that need adopting throughout the state of Michigan!

That's why Michigan Magazine TV, animal shelters, and pounds urge everyone to seriously consider adopting and not shopping for your next forever family member.

The Stutesman household has done just that twice over the past 5 years and found the most grateful and loving animals ready to come "home" to ther new "digs"

I know many prefer the pups and kittens but we always gravitate to the SENIOR pets....

We love them the moment we see them in their cages and we think "how sad" that someone had to give up on them or just couldn't afford the upkeep or attention they need just like any other family member.

It always seems to me the expression on the Seniors is a confused one....dazed...wondering "what did I do...why did my family leave me?"

Our senior dogs are the most loving animals loaded with "kisses" and "snuggles".

They seem to know that they were rescued and will do anything to please they won't have to go back to the cages and confusion of a "pound".

But sometimes I think we are the confused ones...

I firmly believe WE ARE THE ONES that need to be saved....

It was with EXTREME pleasure that I discovered while cruising the internet that many people are on the same "wave length"!

It is the animals in shelters and pounds that are the true rescuers!

They are the ones hard wired with unconditional loves and compassion....Check out this video and see what I mean....

You may find out YOU are the one needing rescue...

Be sure and join me and Michigan Magazine as we bring you some of the latest adoptable "Michigan" pets in a never ending series we call "Shelter Stores" made possible by some pretty amazing Michiganders.....

Saturday, June 28, 2014

IT'S WORKING! THANK YOU..............

Folks, this is working. Viewers of RFD-TV and RURAL TV are having an impact. Join the fight to keep rural programming today. Make your comment to the FCC without delay.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Never Fear Poison Ivy Again!

Some times is not easy to avoid poison ivy until it's too late!

But fear need not suffer again!

Friday, June 20, 2014

PLEASE Michigan Magazine TV Needs Your help NOW! Look what network has replaced ours in Colorado & New Mexico!

Our national Network coverage is being attacked. .PLEASE VIEW...Thank you for your support in bringing the best of Michigan in ALL 50 states for the past 25 years....YOU'LL BE SHOCKED AT WHAT NETWORK HAS REPLACED OUR NETWORK, RFD TV IN TWO STATES...Watch and please assist if you can by filling out the form....The rural lifestyle is being threatened..Michigan Magazine is seen each week on RFD TV coast to coast. We need your help now. Please view:

Monday, June 16, 2014


Today June 16, 2014 Stan Laurel would have been 124 years old

Of course not many live that long anymore...BUT in the case of this comedic genius his face and voice are still bringing joy and laughter to those who witnessed his work along with those who still can capture glimpses of the team "Laurel and Hardy" here on the world wide web or on some Late, late show on Public or Commercial TV.

Laurel and Hardy are my personal favorites of all time!

It is with extreme honor that I can acknowledge the day of Stan Laurel's birth June 16,1890...

Happy Birthday Mr. Laurel..."Stanley"....

To commemorate this day I offer up this classic for your remembrance and enjoyment...."STAN & THE WINE"

Stan Laurel passed away February 23rd 1965..Here is rare footage of his funeral.......May God bless the Clown..He certainly was a blessing to us.....

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Father's Day.........a story

Friday, June 13, 2014

Celebrating THE DAY OF THE COWBOY! Michigan Magazine TV and RFD TV bring the Silver Screen Heros Back to Life!

Today we celebrate The Day of The Cowboy! The Spirit of The Cowboy is undeniable....

These are the true heroes of integrity, loyalty, humility and hard work!

Some say they are a dieing breed!! It is not so!!!

Their numbers are growing.....oh so quietly but growing steadily non the less!

The Cowboy Spirit must be celebrated and Michigan Magazine TV along with the RFD TV Network is seeing to that on a national as well as local level!

With our producer Clifford Parent heading the herd of N. MICHIGAN COWBOY DAYS that spirit will come alive once again during our celebration July 4th, 5th and Sixth!

The love of the days of Cowboy heroes springs eternal and surprisingly is being discovered along Michigan's back-roads!

That is certainly the case when we discovered an old west "ghost" town springing into existence through the sweat and tears of two Oscoda county citizens...

The town is lovingly called Coopersville and is one of the sites on the trail of Cowboy Days!

The Cowboy hero look a likes will converge on the settlement open to the public FREE OF CHARGE!

There will be shoot outs...autograph ops...and lots of bbq available for purchase!

Take a look at our visit with Spike and Stan about their little town which has grown by about 6 or 7 new building since our visit a few months past!

We'll see ya on the trails...but for now let's celebrate this Day in tribute to the old west and the American Cowboy!

Thursday, June 12, 2014

There's Walls of Pure Solid Silver in Michigan's Keweenaw! Forbidden Michigan takes you there via witness Richard Kellogg!

There are places in Michigan the bravest of brave fear to go.

Places that are not mentioned in public for fear of ridicule!

Places talked about only in the closest of circles and with the closest of friends.

There was a book published close to decade or so ago by author Richard Kellogg who, at the time, was in his mid 80s came out from one of those protected groups to tell his story.

Richard was tired of telling what HE experienced then laughed at for be being silly and "quite the story teller".

"But this wasn't just a story" he would tell his friends...

"I experienced it all...everything I'm telling you is the help me God!"

"Come with me and I'll show you where it's at"...He would demand!

And Richard Kellogg did just that!

Richard "showed" people where "it" was "at" through the publishing of his book WALL OF SILVER!

"It" was a lost silver mine with walls of solid silver and gold coins left beneath ground....Coins that were the products of one individual mining the silver in wheelbarrow loads and selling it to organized crime connections in Detroit and Chicago!

When the book was published and released....people still laughed!

They still maintained it was "quite the tale...and imaginative recollection of an aging old bar keep"....

BUT when Michigan Magazine and Forbidden Michigan sat with Richard Kellogg, one on one...face to face....the stories seemed more credible then fiction!

Here's our interview for you to decide!

Tell Forbidden Michigan what you think!

Then tell us if what you hear may excite you to explore for yourself the forbidden area of this alleged lost silver mine with it's walls of silver and bags of gold coins.

It may be just waiting for YOUR touch to reveal it's secrets!

And by the way....You'll know if Richad is telling the truth....he's left a little present for you.......

Enjoy the story now as told by Richard Kellogg....and if you'd like to explore more of the details...the book may be purchased below this video!

Good Luck!

Friday, June 6, 2014

IT WAS 1959 IN MIO, MICHIGAN...A FIVE YEAR OLD REMEMBERS.....The Trauma...of the drive in horor show!

It's funny how some things in childhood stay with you then recalled as an adult at the slightest hint of subject matter.

Today on the internet someone placed a photo of an old drive in movie theater with cars lined in a row next to those old speakers one would hook onto a window and roll up....

Instantly I recalled the very first movie I ever saw at a drive in as a 5 year old impressionable little boy.

My first movie drive in movie was at the old Dai Roy Drive in North of Mio, Michigan....and the movie my father took me and my brothers to was something that stayed with me for life....A movie meant to frighten..let me take that back....meant to terrify even adults.....

The year was 1959 and I believe it was a chilly late or early autumn night when my Dad took us for a ride to see........HOUSE ON HAUNTED HILL staring Vincent Price!

I still get the "willies" thinking of what I saw that night from the back seat ...which really wasn't much after the first blood curdling scream came from the speaker on the window....

My hands immediately went to my face covering my eyes.....peeking out between my was too much to watch full eyed!

I found myself slipping back behind the front seat into the back of the 57 Chevy Belair Dad affectionately called "Betsy".

I felt safe in Betsy's back seat covered with a woolen blanket mom packed for this "guys" night out at the movies...

I can't remember much about the actual plot of "House On Haunted Hill"...I simply remember snippets of hanging corpses,skeletons and lots of screaming......

Screaming I fell asleep to in the back seat of Betsy..

When I first saw the image of the Drive In earlier today...I thought to myself why not google the movie and see if I truly remember the parts I saw accurately!

Low and behold....this is what I found....

Here's the actual Dai Roy Drive in Concession stand promotional movie played ten minutes before every Movie AND the actual Movie that has stuck in my brain from the age of 5 til now...

Can you imagine a young child watching the dancing hot dog prance across the screen happy as could be...thinking what a wonderful night it was going to be....and then......O.M.G!

Now, sometime soon, I will watch the movie all the way through HERE on my computer screen in the middle of the day in the year 2014. A mere 55 years later!

I wonder if I'll cover my eyes again........If I'll be for nostalgia sake only! Ya right!

Come on, my friend, join's only 10 minutes to Show time! :-)

Now On With The Show.....