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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

On the next show Sept 20 & 21st SPECIAL MEMORIES!

Show 1638, the preview below, is a very special program with historical significance and fond memories.

Besides the historic unsealing of the Native American census rolls we also feature an appearance in the next segment of my late partner and co-host Dell Vaughan.

In the second segment of our program we film the Birmingham Community Concert Band, under the direction of Paul Laveck, as they perform our theme song SOAR LIKE AN EAGLE.

After the amazing presentation Dell says a few words of gratitude for their fine job....It's good to hear Dell's voice again.

As you may know Dell left this world back on April 11th 2010.

Good memories of many miles we spent on the road in the early days of Michigan Magazine!

Next week's program is also highlighted by a look at FEMA and the speed in which they work to get up and running to assist in national disasters.

A big thanks to MICHIGANDER and now FLORIDIAN Gene Kauffman who works with FEMA.

Gene coordinated the logistics of us bringing this amazing segment to Michigan Magazine.

The name Gene Kauffman may sound familiar to many Michiganders. Gene owned and operated many radio stations throughout the midwest and Michigan including WBMB 1060 AM in West Branch and WDBC in Escanaba.

I had the extreme honor of working for Gene at WBMB/WBMI in the very early 70s

Our paths crossed recently when he stopped by the Michigan Magazine Museum last summer after we re-connected on Face Book. Upon further conversation we found our family heritage had common roots... We found out we were cousins...imagine that...

The internet is amazing...

ANYWAY...I think you'll enjoy our travels in our September 20th and 21st presentation of Michigan Magazine on RFD TV...Andy Head HardHat will also be bringing us another geocache adventure with his geosnippits!

See ya then or before RIGHT HERE on our official Blog!


God bless!