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Thursday, December 26, 2013

What Are We Working On This Week?

We're in the studio this morning working on some exciting new shows for Michigan Magazine!

On the agenda and on the editing "doing" list is our new series featuring Shaun Beardsley and crew over at Liberty Pines of Rose City!

Shaun will be sharing her love of Natural Horsemanship on a regular basis.

We've filmed two upcoming segments and hope to have it debuting in January!

Natural Horsemanship is an amazing training procedure where a mutually respectful bond is formed between horse and master where the horse looks forward to training and pleasing the trainer!

We've seen Shaun and ranch hand & student Don Lenard in action with amazing results

We Know all those who love their horse are going to want to tune in to Shaun's tips on successful training!

ALSO in editing is the story of John Marek and his "other side"....John, known to many as the accordion playing side of the SPANKY AND JHONNNY duo seen at fairs and special events and gatherings....has another side of "entertainment" when not on the road with "Spanky"...

John Marek is an accomplished children's magician and entertainer...

We followed John around the state as he performed at various public venues from the Kalkaska Trout Festival to appearing as "Johnny Appleseed" at the West Branch Public Library!

We hoped to have presented John in a special "promotional" video earlier in the year and apologize for the delay but I think you'll enjoy his story as a feature on RFD TV as well as in a Promo video Johnny will be distributing...Stay tuned!!!!

We're also coordinating new Shelter Stories from area animal shelters sponsored by Carey's Gentle Grooming of Hale.

The Wonderful thing about Carey is that she is very involved with the animal adoption campaign and vigorously promotes the adoption process with an annual show and friendly competition during the annual Hale Balloon Festival....WE WILL FEATURE LAST YEARS SHOW on RFD TV very, very soon and hope to be more of a vital part of the show next year!

Also being planned is our new UNCLE CLIFF'S KITCHEN segment to be filmed at the SKYLINE EVENT CENTER (The former Michigan Magazine Museum)

Not sure what's on the menu for our first filming in April, but we do know Uncle Cliff is inviting anyone who would like to watch the filming process,as an audience participant, to contact us and make reservations now at (989) 272-5606. We have room for no more then 20-25 people...Tickets are free and you get to taste Uncle Cliff final results....stay tuned! Is IT'S GOING TO BE A ONCE IN A LIFE TIME EXPERIENCE!

We've filmed many cooking segments at the facilities in the past and know what fun it will be!!

PS: If you'd like to be one of our growing list of sponsors on the segment contact UNCLE CLIFF A.S.A.P. @ (989) 257-3603

We're also working tirelessly on new segments for our MAKE IT HAPPEN SEGMENT with host Dwayne Leforge handicap advocate.

With myself doing much of the editing and all post production...time is of essence and we apologize for the delay in some of our past filming not making it on air yet! IE: Highlights of the Posen Potato festival...Updates on the works of various Michigan Economic Development projects! The LIVE Streaming tour of Kenyon's mysteries with the Plainfield Township Historical society!....An interview with another Michigan Author who took a humerus look at her "breast cancer" experience.

The interviews and visits not yet aired are too numerous to list....BUT LET IT BE KNOWN we haven't forgot and we'll start listing our upcoming show schedule soon on one of our websites.

I send out a BIG THANK YOU to Jeremy and Darlene Lane of MEMRA Productions of Northville for their help in filming and editing where they can...AND to the STAFF at OCTV in Oxford, Jim Hughes & Teri Stiles, working as Michigan Magazine TV corespondents...TRIPLE THANKS TO YOU ALL!

Of course our Account Executive / Producer Clifford Parent is vital in keeping us on the road and making sure all our wonderful supporters and advertising are extremely happy, satisfied AND SEEING RESULTS! Thanks Cliff!

ATTENTION: COPS AND DOUGHNUTS FANS! We are sooooo delighted to hear of Bubba's return after Gastric Sleeve surgery!..Watch for THIS new series of segments STARTING NEXT WEEK...."Life With Bubba"...We will keep track of his post surgery life in special shows!! Go Bubba!

We may be "way behind" in our editing of new shows BUT be aware that we instantly post on our social media sites ie: Vine , Keek, YouTube, Instagram, Blogger, Blogg Talk Radio and Ustream.TV MOST OF OUR visits and "mini pre edited" interviews of our travels!

I've gone on much too long here....All I can say is stay tuned and check in at all our social media sites by going to HERE AT THE TOP you'll find most of our links!

Your's VERY TRULY, Barry! :-)

Looking forward to 2014! Things can only get BETTER!...Am I right????????????

Wednesday, December 18, 2013


Wow you Olivet Middle School Football players are the best!

True sportsmen and human beings!

You know what the game of life is all about!

What a story!

Have Kleenex handy!

Merry Christmas and may God Bless

The Amazing Michigan Spirit of Accomplishments! SHOW 1851

It's all around us!

Michigan entrepreneurship is digging it's heals into this great lake state's soil determined to make Michigan the "land of opportunity"!

On this week's show we feature the "spirit of Michigan" creativity and talent as we visit the Standing Company of Saginaw and witness the amazing craftsmanship of wooden clock maker John Crews of Metamora!

Both of our features show that doing what you love and are inspired to do in Michigan can create amazing results through determination and "networking".......

Michigan IS the land of opportunity and dynamic resources if one just looks around and "asks"!

When I think back to the actual interviews and visits in these two features on this week's show #1851 I recall, vividly, the excitement and determination in following a dream our guests showed.

Join us on this week's show and get inspired!

Perhaps your dream is just waiting to materialize....and perhaps this show will show you "dreams can come true"!

Thursday, December 12, 2013


Wednesday, December 4, 2013

This Week's Show Features Michigan's Best!

This week's show features two outstanding events that turned heads for those who caught the action!

You'll see a world record set at Lady Jane's Haircuts For Men in Troy. Owner Chad Johnson DID IT with the expertise of 10 of his best stylists! It was all for a great cause...THE WICKED AWESOME DREAM foundation!

Then witness the amazing show put on each year at M.S.U. as Michigan Magazine's Teri Stiles visits with Aaron Rice, organizer of Michigan's Largest Draft Horse Show!

Teri does a wonderful job covering this yearly event that showcases some of the Great Lakes most beautiful "Gentle Giants"....This is the first installment of Teri's stay tuned.

A big thank you to our Northville video crew MEMRA Productions for producing this segment for Michigan Magazine....always there when we need them!

Also keep watching til the very, very end of this week's show as we make the announcement of the continuation of SHELTER STORIES to be brought to you by CAREY'S GENTLE PET GROOMING of Hale!....

Thanks for watching!

Monday, December 2, 2013

December 25th.............

"This is the month, and this the happy morn, wherein the Son of heaven's eternal King, of wedded Maid and Virgin Mother born, our great redemption from above did bring." -- John Milton