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Sunday, August 31, 2014


Oh my...............

Summer 2014 is nearly history...:-(

It seems like only yesterday I stopped just off the I75 exit 212 to record this Sunset over West Branch!

The very first day of summer had just come to a close........

The days of summer couldn't have gone any faster.....

I hope your mind was filled with pleasant memories that you'll be able to recall with fondness.

My Grandfather once told me "the older you get the faster times seems to slip by".

How could that be possible?...Was he serious?......I just couldn't wrap my head around that thought..

BUT, oh yes....he was "spot on".....and...there is nothing we can do but seize the moments with all the strength we can muster.....

Enjoy...savor....take it ALL in...and be thankful for the special times we are given.

Look what I see just ahead....Another chance to enjoy special moments....It's Autumn....YES!

Carpe Diem! ;-)


The 13th anniversary of the attack on America's homeland nears.

Our prayers continue non stop....for the lost.....and to never forget...

This ad was ran only once as to not benefit commercially from.....Class

Saturday, August 30, 2014


With summer waining to a close we hope you had the chance to make the pilgrimmage to Cedar Point or to it's younger sister Michigan Adventure
For those of you who didn't get the chance or to those who have fond memories of 2014...We dedicate this to you!
Hold on tight as we present.....

Friday, August 22, 2014

#RFD TV and Michigan Magazine Television Needs Your Help More Then Ever Now! Please Take a Moment!

God has blessed rural America.....

Please let's not build walls between our great nation.

There's an event going on that could effectively do just walls between rural and urban America...It's called "Unchecked Merger".....where a good portion of this good old USA would never taste our rural lifestyle & dynamic heritage.....

RFD TV and Michigan Magazine TV desparately needs your help in voicing our concern!

We can not "over stress" the seriousness of what is happening today!

If certain mergers are allowed to happen, unchecked, they would effectively eliminate Rural Lifestyle television programing in some states.....States whose livelyhood IS RURAL AMERICA!

Please listen to the founder of RFD TV....Then take a moment or two and help us amplify the VOICE OF RURAL AMERICA.....

May God continue to bless Rural America........

Barry Stutesman - Executive Producer / Founder MICHIGAN MAGAZINE TV

Monday, August 18, 2014

Friday, August 15, 2014

In The Wilderness of Northern Michigan "He Built It...and They Came!"..Amazing Coopersville Old West Town!

This story is so amazing to me!

It's the stuff that movies like FIELD OF DREAMS are made!

Michigan Magazine never in our wildest dreams ever thought something could "snowball" so fast and make so many people happy as this little old west town called Coopersville in Oscoda county.

It was just last year that Spike, the owner, saw in his minds eye a small old western town that could bring back a time he remembered in his childhood...where good and evil was not so "blurred".

Spike passed his vision on to friend and neighbor "Stan" who believed that it was possible to create....and the two set to work.

Now a little over a year later hundreds of families from all over the U.S. have made their way to this "step back in time"...A sort of pilgrimage to a time lost but fondly remembered.

Many have signed this board at the entrance of Coopersville..showing their support and thanks to Spike and "crew"...for bringing a smile to the little ones and a fond recollection to us adults......

Stay tuned to Michigan Magazine for the story of "Coopersville Old West Town" to be aired this fall on Michigan Magazine/RFD TV...

Spike and Stan tell the story..

MEMRA PRODUCTIONS catches a day at Coopersville Old West Town of Oscoda County:

Thursday, August 7, 2014


READY, SET, GO! 2008 Ogemaw Heights - FFA Sheep Shearing Competion!

Checking out some of the rides back in 2013

A fellow visitor has this to add about his experience at the Ogemaw county fair...nice report!