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Sunday, October 26, 2014

Celebs When They Were Young! The Year 1980..

Stars In 80's - Famous Stars in 1980 - Celebs When They Were Young - Stars In 1980 - 80's Stars

Friday, October 24, 2014


Are you ready to be scared out of your shoes AND socks?...Then maybe you are ready for Erebus!

If you've been there you know it'll make a grown man fall to his knees and cry!

Think you can handle it?....Then go for it!!!

It comes only once a year....

Carpe diem!...AND the night!


Have safe....happy Halloween....

Me?...I'll be home in the pumpkin patch waiting for the arrival of the GREAT PUMPKIN.....No seriously...I will...:-)

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Every October...Like Magic They Come...From All Corners of The World...From All Walks Of Life..To Mackinac Island!..

Each magic....they return!

Watch now or download your own digital copy......

Friday, October 17, 2014

Glen Campbell....Final.......

Rembering..........Glen Campbell.........His final tour and his final song...


Tuesday, October 14, 2014

PHANTOM'S FEAST at Hollygrove!

Holly, MI (Oct. 2014) - The cast and crew of the Michigan Renaissance Festival present an all new Halloween event in Holly, MI.

Halloween in Hollygrove is made up of two ALL NEW events to tantalize your taste for Holiday fantasy. One of these premiering events includes the dinner theatre Halloween musical, Phantom’s Feast. The event is a six course gourmet meal and an award worthy performance of your favorite cult classics.

Show synopsis

All year the Phantom waits for his most anticipated and favorite holiday of Halloween to arrive! The Phantom considers the celebration of Halloween the finest reason to invite the most fascinating creatures to his castle.

The Phantom’s guests will wine and dine on a six course gourmet feast all the while enjoying the Phantom’s favorite Halloween musicals of the bewitching season. Your favorite characters from Rocky Horror Picture Show, Young Frankenstein, Little Shop of Horrors, and many more come to life by command of the Phantom for your enjoyment. The evening’s festivities will include devilishly fun games, prizes, and a souvenir gift from the Phantom. Enchanting and spellbinding attire of the Halloween season is suggested and encouraged.

The vision for the Phantom’s Feast comes from the director, John Wray, and choreographer, Peter Suarez. The two partnered to create a Broadway take on a Halloween Musical. Wray, a professional writer and performer, came to the Michigan Renaissance Festival as a Tortuga Twin, and is serving well as the producer of the show. He wanted to focus the show on the fun and comical side of Halloween, rather than the more common ghoulish fright.

After assuming his role, Wray approached Peter Suarez to create a dance piece to accompany the Rock ‘N’ Roll aesthetic. Peter has years of experience working with award winning directors and choreographers. Excited to get his hands on a new project Saurez stated, “I want to stretch my choreographic muscles by working with talented and dedicated artists.” Those dedicated artists include some of the most well-known entertainers from the Michigan Renaissance Festival including, Queen Elizabeth (Caroline Jett), Princess Isaade M’Obuko (Maria Christian), The Mayor’s Wife (Suzanne Cheney) and many more. This all new event will allow avid Renaissance Festival goers a chance to see their favorite characters in their best roles yet.

Together the duo [Wray and Suarez] have exceeded the borders of ordinary genres to create a wild Rock ‘N’ Roll Halloween party. The feast borrows the “Don’t dream it, be it” philosophy of the Rocky Horror Picture show and applies it to everyone’s favorite dress-up holiday. Both commented that their favorite part of the show is the merit of the performance. The heart and soul of the cast radiates charisma and showmanship in every fingernail and follicle.

The Phantom’s Feast premieres Saturday October 18th. The dates continue Sunday the 19th of October as well as the following weekend evenings October 25th and 26th.

Tickets are available on the Halloween in Hollygrove website,, or by calling the MRF office at 248-634-5552.

Renaissance Costumes

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Remembering Clara....1915 - 2013

As we approach November 29th .....we pause to remember a true treasure....Clara....of "Depression Era Cooking".

Clara after 98 years of living passed in her sleep on that day in 2013.

We've shared many of her videos here on our blog to the delight of many....and will continue to do so.

The day of her passing her family quickly posted this video of memorium.

It is a true delight to share with you the passion Clara had for living and her family's love of her and the memories associated with their "Nana".....

Toward the end of this video Clara assures everyone of her contentment in living a full life and to the peace she feels in the love around her.....

Thursday, October 9, 2014


HOLLY, MI, (Oct. 2014) – Halloween has invaded the Village of Hollygrove. Gather your friends and join us for two ALL NEW Halloween events on the grounds of the Michigan Renaissance Festival.

During the Day, The Horton Lake Outbreak, a 5K Zombie Obstacle Course, will be kicking off the events in Hollygrove. In chosen or assigned teams of 5, make your way through the course while protecting your team's antidote along the way. Get the antidote to Horton Lake in order to stop the outbreak! Keep on guard, zombies will be lurking around everyone corner to stop you. Use your ammunition wisely to fend off the Zombies who will be pursuing the antidote. Remember shooting them will only slow them down, not stop them.

There are two key elements to completing the mission, protect yourself and the antidote. You are provided a military identification card, which you will wear on your body. You must present your ID when you reach Horton Lake, which makes keeping it essential to completing the mission. Remember the infected will be trying to rip the ID’s from your body, so work as a team to protect yourself.

Teams will be assembling Saturdays and Sundays October 18 through the 26th. Each participant will receive; a commemorative weapon, a survivor T-Shirt, beverage of choice and a medal for completion.

Each night, the Phantom will be making a visit to the village castle where guests will wine and dine on a five course gourmet feast all the while enjoying the Phantom’s favorite Halloween pleasures from his most desired musicals of the bewitching season. Your favorite characters from Rocky Horror Picture Show, Young Frankenstein, Little Shop of Horrors, and many more come to life by command of the Phantom for your enjoyment. The evening’s festivities will include devilishly fun games, prizes, and souvenir gift from the Phantom. Enchanting and spellbinding attire of the Halloween season is suggested and encouraged.

Halloween in Hollygrove will take place Saturdays and Sundays, October 18th – 26th with the Horton Lake Outbreak running from 10am to 4pm and the Phantom’s Feast running each night at 4:30pm. Tickets are available online at or by contacting the event office at 248.634.5552.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014


Get THE BEST OF THE BEST of Michigan published cookbooks including many recipes from our MICHIGAN MAGAZINE TV Cookbook Series...REMEMBER THOSE?





I Must say THOSE WERE CLASSICS...and we enjoyed putting them together!

They sold out quickly!

The Michigan Magazine Family and Friends plus Dell and Barry's Holiday Delights Cookbooks have been out of print for nearly 10 years BUT thanks to Quail Press some of the recipes have been included in This cookbook featuring Michigan's Best....

This cookbook has oodles of recipes from some of the best Michigan Cookbooks ever published all in one place!

You'll find recipes from each of OUR Cookbooks included within these pages!

So until we publish our next cookbook from the Michigan Magazine TV's your chance to add to your collection THIS WONDERFUL Cookbook that can be handed down generation to generation and makes for the perfect gift for any occassion!



Here's a brief description of what's in this "collectors" cookbook!

Great Food from the Great Lakes State! Sixty of Michigan s best cookbooks have contributed nearly 400 of their most popular recipes to this completely new edition of Best of the Best from Michigan Cookbook. In addition to this collection of time-tested and perfected family recipes that capture the flavor of Michigan, this cookbook also contains: Photographs, illustrations, along with fun-to-read historical facts and trivia that convey the uniqueness of the state (famous Michiganians, timeline, etc.) Valuable information on the leading tourist attractions and festivals, plus a complete listing of all the parks in the state. A section that lists the contributing cookbooks with a description and ordering information for each. This feature is particularly popular with cookbook collectors.

TODAY 94 Year Old Clara Is In The Kitchen With a Great Holiday Recipe! Enjoy!

Time once again to find out what's cookin' in Clara's kitchen as she shares one of her favorite Christmas recipes!

Clara, at this taping, was 94 years young with plenty of stories and personal treasures to share as she prepares this favorite dish!

PLUS don't forget to check out Clara's Cookbook and DVD below!

AND check out our great Michigan's Best Of The Best Michigan Cookbook featuring many MICHIGAN MAGAZINE TV recipes you may have seen prepared on our show.... and recipes from other great Michigan chefs, bakers and families....NOW this will make a great holiday gift or "pre-holiday" sure and check it out!

Are you ready?

O.K. then, let's visit with Clara with today's holiday treat!