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Wednesday, April 30, 2014


Michigander Melissa Gilbert made it! YES!

Friday, April 25, 2014

I'll Have RED POP! And that's why we drink Faygo! Michigan Made!

Think Michigan Made this summer.....Think Faygo........ahhhh yes!

And this is why we drink FAYGO!

Remember when you were a kid?

That part of you still lives!

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Judy Garland sings I WANT TO GO BACK TO MICHIGAN from Easter Parade!

Happy and Blessed Easter Everyone.....

My favorite song from EASTER PARADE!

Judy Garland sings.....I Want To Go Back To Michigan!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014


Orion Township needs your help!

Bring your manly tools and head for Orion twp, Michigan to help in the clean-up!

We need lots of hands to help our fellow seniors and struggling families who have no way of cleaning up after the storm damage.

Make Good Friday a compassionate Friday by helping our neighbors in Orion Township!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014


I love the new ABC series staring Michigander Tim Allen "LAST MAN STANDING"....

I was also an early Tim Allen fan when he did his first series back in the 90s "Home Improvment"...

I can remember the first time I caught Tim on "Home Improvment"....It was when the Michigan Magazine crew was on location at the "Shrine of The Pines" near Baldwin..

We were spending the night at the shrine as guests after spending the day filming this landmark and interviewing the museum director Pat Sweet...

We had just finished dinner and were watching the "telly" when the show came on...It was in it's first season...

I was taken back by the fact that the series was about a Michigan family where the husband / Father was a local Cable Television star....

I loved it when I could relate to Tim's situations....

I was truly saddened when the series finally left the air....BUT I was delighted to find Tim Allen's lastest venture into a weekly series...Last Man Standing....

The show is similar to "Home Improvment" in a quirky way, but it's based in Denver instead of Detroit and Tim has three daughters instead of 3 sons...

I know Tim is a big Michigan promoter, not only as the voice of the "Pure Michigan" campaign but in "real life"

He's always got something nice to say about his home state & his fellow Michigander...

If you're a fan of Tim's work, as I am, I think you'll enjoy this little clip of his recent interview with PBS as he opens up about the fact that his venture into a weekly television series was almost abandoned when Tim said "No"...

Thursday, April 10, 2014


Michigan Magazine TV is on the road in an aggresive attempt to spread the word that new and established small town businesses throughout the state area alive and well.

Some are even thriving.

Of course there are some small Michigan based businesses hat are feeling the pinch BUT most of those are struggling simply because potential customers are not aware of thier exsistance!

That's where Michigan Magazine TV is hoping to help make the difference in conjunction with the efforts of local drives to get the word out!

Besides the dynamic stories new or established "local businesses" are telling our "National" weekly Michigan Magazine TV audience.....We are offering these businesses national as well as state wide television advertising at incredably affordable prices!

Our journeys around the state uncovered an amazing spirit of entrepreneurship dieing to be heard.

Here's our report of the 5th annual Ogemaw Business and Community Expo that was held April 4th at the Ogemaw Heights High School near West Branch.

145 businesses and organizations displayed their products and services to hundreds of potential patrons who were suprised and amazed at what was in their own community.

Check out this video "walk through" of some of the vendors and patrons in attendance....amazing!

Just North of Ogemaw County is Oscoda County where the story seems to be the same with the locals anxious to get the word out and Michigan Magazine TV is hoping to oblige!

Oscoda County Business is alive and well as Michigan Magazine TV hits the roads getting the story behind the stories of established and new business in this N. Michigan county!

Watch for highlights as we spread the word coast to coast and border to border throughout the good old U.S.A. on the RFD TV Network! "Rural America's Most Important Network"

Here show host Barry Stutesman interviews, Erika, one of the new owners of Hinchman's Acres of Mio...They are doing some wonderful things in updates and remodeling in their second year of ownership!

If you have a business or know of a Michigan business that is "off the beaten path" and think it's worthy of spotlighting...let us know! CALL NOW (989) 257-3603 and talk to one of our producers.

Or call that number if you'd like to know about our amazing commercial rates that'll get you noticed on MICHIGAN MAGAZINE TV as well as spotlighted on all our social media outlets!

NOTE: Michigan Magazine TV on RFD TV get's into 42 million homes each week and according to our latest Neilson ratings we are actually seen by over 100,000 households not only in Michigan but throughout the good old USA by viewers who are "hungry" for anything and everything MICHIGAN!


WOW...Michigan Made!

We have been having a ball already this year promoting the attitude of shopping and buying locally!

Just look out your own backdoor to find amazing merchants and Michigan Made products!

We've found it in a local Ogemaw Business & Community Expo in West Branch April 4th..which we will be supplying highlights throughout the coming days here and on our TV show!

We are delighted to draw attention to the wonderful BUY MICHIGAN FESTIVAL that spotlights the idea of stimulating our Michigan economy by supporting local shopping...

Enjoy this preview of what's happening at the festival Michigan Magazine will be keeping you all informed of!


Friday, April 4, 2014

Remembering SPRING BREAK of the 60s

Things have changed quite a bit from the early Spring Breaks...

Who remembers when this movie was considered a "true" depiction of the "risque" behavior on the beaches of Florida during Spring Break!

Parents thought it couldn't get any wilder!

Boy were THEY wrong...........Sigh....

For those of you who remember spring breaks of the 60s....enjoy

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

The Late Sonny Dalton Jr. of Kalamazoo...Michigan's Beloved Junk Sculptor!

1989 - 2014

Celebrating 25 years "on air" from the Michigan Magazine TV Archives The Junk Artist of Michigan...Sonny Dalton of Kalamazoo! 1933-2011

Here's a rare Sonny Dalton "Original"


From sleigh to carriage!

Spring brings transition...but the fun, romance, and adventure remains at Thunder Bay Resort of Hillman!

Check out the fun we had last winter on the "Elk encounter/gourmet experience" in our video below and make your reservation now!

ALSO be sure and enter the Michigan Magazine 25th anniversary sweepstakes to win one of these uniquely "Michigan" adventures.

Learn how by catching the latest Michigan Magazine TV show on RFD TV & at the "spiritofmichigan" YOUTUBE CHANNEL!

CLICK here for the "gateway" to our current list of prizes we're giving away in our Sweepstates.

Be sure and check back for updates as more prizes are included!

...See ya on the trail!

Michigan Magazine visits with Mike Ridley the "Michigan Man" on one of our "Elk Encounter" adventures at Thunder Bay!

Mike favors us with one of his most popular tunes I AM A MICHIGAN MAN!...Which is included in his album available below!