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Saturday, January 23, 2016

Where were YOU in 1977?

Seems like only yesterday....the sky seemed bluer....the air smelled fresher....we had much more energy....and the world was ours with just a click of the dial...:-)

Those were the days my friend..they called it 1977...:-)

Friday, January 1, 2016

THIS TIME FOR KEEPS on Mackinac Island Michigan!

Everyone remembers the classic movie SOMEWHERE IN TIME....but few remember another wonderful romantic film shot on the island in 1947 called THIS TIME FOR KEEPS staring Esther Williams

It spotlighted winter and summer on the island when the only way to this vacation getaway was by "ship"....yes by ship!...Check it out!

This Time For Keep original 1947 theater trailer

If you love the "island"...I think you'll love to pick up one of these keepsakes.

Nothing can compare to the romance of Mackinac Island Michigan....Am I right?......Of course....

What a time period that was...the 1940s!

Here ,for your viewing pleasure, is a wonderful MovieTone presentation on the ISLE OF MACKINAC!

Of course another extremely popular motion picture filmed on the island was SOMEWHERE IN TIME....

I thought you'd enjoy this small glimpse of Somewhere in Time Weekend 2002 - When Jane Seymour Returned to Mackinac...

There are places on the island that are soooo tranquil....even on a busy day!

In 2015 my grandson and I traveled to the island for a day of hiking, biking and enjoying the summer sun!

The downtown area was packed with tourists BUT we ventured off the beaten path discovering many places of solitude..such as this shaded lane.

Here we sat on chilled marble benches listened and spoke to each other in whispered tones...It seemed so right....I think this is a "memory" made for generations....

This year I hope you can "Make it to the Island!

For much more on the cast, crew and filming of the movie THIS TIME FOR KEEPS...CLICK HERE!