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Sunday, March 30, 2014

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Time To Throw "IT" Out There!

"Joy is a boomerang!"

For me, those are words to live by.

Come to think of it, you could replace "joy" with any other attribute!....

It's a "KARMA" thing...and we all know what this "Law" of the universe entales...right?...Of course. Don't deny it we've all been on both sides of the law! :-)

On this Thursday morning I was delighted to run accross this "Simple Truths" video extoling the attitude sharing technique...

For me, it is an inspriing piece that tells it all in a few dynamic tips or "truths", that when placed into action WILL change your world....really!!

With mountains of "editing" and "writing" to do with production "deadlines" looming and comittments promised that should never have been committed :-) I face this day with this little video of hope and laws of faith and joy.

Take a look and have a great day...

Time to toss the boomerang....

See ya tomorrow on the next edition of Michigan Magazine TV....we've got a whole "case" of boomerangs we'll be tossing your way!


We bring you the joy of another Michigan celebratiion in Clare!


Then we visit with Craig Pennington of St. John Illustrator of the Grandma Janet Mary children's book series...Now here is an amazing story of a dynamic duo whose "attitude" of joy and graditude will fill your heart with inspiration.....

See ya then!

Meanwhile enjoy the above video to start your day!

Wednesday, March 26, 2014


Oh, Mark my heart, I singeth the

Michigan, My Michigan

Thy lake bound shores, I long to see

Michigan, My Michigan

From Saginaw's tall whispering pines

From lake superiors farthest mines

There in the light of memory shines

Michigan, My Michigan

Thou gave thy sons without a sigh

Michigan, My Michigan

And sent thy bravest forth to die

Michigan, My Michigan

Beneath a hostile southern sky

They bore thy banner proud and high

Ready to fight and never to fly

Michigan, My Michigan

From Yorktown onto Richmonds wall

Michigan, My Michigan

They bravely fight as bravely fought

Michigan, My Michigan

There strong arms crumble in the dust

And there bright swords all have gathered rust

There memory is our sacred trust

Michigan, My Michigan

And when the happy time shall come

Michigan, My Michigan

That brings thy war-worn heroes home

Michigan, My Michigan

What welcome from there own proud shore

What honors at there feet will pour

What tears for those who'll come no more

Michigan, My Michigan

A greatful country claims them now

Michigan, My Michigan

A deathless laurel binds each brow

Michigan, My Michigan

And history the tale will tell

of how they fought and how they fell

For that dear land we loved so well

Michigan, My Michigan

Are You "IN" or "OUT"?

Good morning Michiganders!

I'm not gunna even ask you "What Day is it"......

We all know you can look at it at least 3 different ways.....

1) "It's Wednesday and it's all down hill from here"..with missed deadlines and "excuses" to make and promises to work on the weekend ...or

2) "Yes!..It's Wednesday and we're sliding into the weekend...Great job everyone...we're gunna make it!"and finally...

3) "It's "hump" day...and in two days I'm outahere...Que sara sara!!!

Have a great Wednesday everyone....Start planning for the weekend....break the something "out of the box"...Or you may just find yourself "in the box" forever...Just do it.....ENOUCH CLICHE'..ENJOY.

Oh yea!'s what's on the next Michigan Magazine this Friday March 28th 2014!....Hope you can join us...we'll see if we can't help you break out of the box!

See ya on the road!

May we suggest the following.....;-)

Tuesday, March 25, 2014


It's a huge beautiful Great Lake State !

From border to border and coast to coast we're waiting...AND so are your new customers and clients!

Why do business in Michigan?

Because "Pure Michigan" means business!

It 's a "given" that we have the resources and man/woman power to get "it" done!

Of course Michigan Magazine TV is here to help you spread the word!

Michigan Magazine is offering amazingly affordable "National" television advertising on our weekly show aired coast to coast on the RFD TV Network.

Just thought you'd like to know!

Give a call to our Advertising department and talk with us!

ADVERTISING (989) 257-3603

STUDIO (989) 272-5606

Monday, March 24, 2014

Here they are...the new Pure Michigan TV ads.....ready to inspire! Let's go!

Are you ready for a "Pure Michigan" summer!...Why yes....yes I am!

Join us on Michigan Magazine as we head off the backroads to discover the "true" Michigander....

A "Pure Michigander!"

Sit back, relax...Push "play" and watch 'em all!

Friday, March 21, 2014

SUMMER DOWNTOWN MACKINAC ISLAND AFTER DARK!....Reliving the dreams! Fulfilling The Bucket List!

What a joyous time...Spring has sprung!

Although old man winter, as is his character, still holds tight....He still may have one or two last frigid blasts to blow our way...for all to remember him by

Despite that...It is officially Spring and that can't be taken from us!

Even though the snows may return a couple more times....our faith takes us away in our dreams and imagination to the expectant warmth of late Spring and early Summer.

We, at Michigan Magazine TV, would like to fuel your dreams with a couple reality videos of TIMES TO COME at one of our favorite Michigan Destinations...

Come with us now to the Isle of Mackinac for an evening stroll down Main street as the cool Lake Huron breeze circulates the distinct aroma of fresh fudge, lilacs, and wild roses.......among other things :-)

Then join the mid day crowds of last years LILAC FESTIVAL for an hour of home town pride as the LILAC FESTIVAL PARADE makes its way along the turn of the century Main Street.

Enoy this "pure Michigan" moment....

We'll see you there.... Five Minutes on Mackinac - Main Street After Dark

Mackinac Island Lilac Festival Grand Parade - June 16, 2013

Thursday, March 20, 2014


SPRING, SPRING,SPRING.....I like the sound of that!

It is FINALLY here!

This year don't let the glorious Michigan weather pass you by!

Explore the spring renewal as we prepare for another glorious SUMMER!...There's only 92 days, as of this writing, til Summer 2014!!

SUMMER, SUMMER, SUMMER....I like the sound of that!

Meanwhile...IT'S SPRING!


Wednesday, March 19, 2014

On The Trails of the 1995 Michigan Bicyclists Shoreline Tour! Hundreds of cyclists from accross the U.S. & Canada enjoyed Michigan's Shoreline on bikes!

Celebrating 25 years "ON THE AIR" Michigan Magazine TV Archives this segment for viewing on demand.

This debut on Youtube marks the first time the segment has been seen anywhere except on the Michigan Public TV network back in 1995 & 1996....

Enjoy and pass along.....Barry Stutesman/ Executive Producer

Are you ready grandpa?

"Are you ready grandpa?"

"I sure am buddy.....let's go!"

Tuesday, March 18, 2014


Somewhere In Time are a few video gems from this Jane Seymour, Christopher Reeve and Christopher Plummer Classic!

It is our honor to be able to share these video gems of One of the most beloved motion pictures filmed in Michigan......



Maude Adams - The Inspiration Behind "Somewhere In Time"


Somewhere in Time - the photo


Jane Seymour Returns to Mackinac

Monday, March 17, 2014

Glory be......The Day Is Finally Here!.....It' your Lucky day!


May you always have...

Walls for the winds

A roof for the rain

Tea beside the fire

Laughter to cheer you

Those you love near you

And all your heart might desire.


May the road rise to meet you,

may the wind be ever at your back.

May the sun shine warm upon your face,

and the rains fall soft upon your fields.

And until we meet again,

may God hold you in the palm of his hand.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

There's a Train Comin' Down the Tracks Heading For Clare!..Wow, Will You Look at that! It's the 1225!

The Pere Marquette 1225 is coming to town!

Yup the same train that was the inspiration for the animated motion picture featurng the talents of Tom Hanks is back on the tracks again...This time coming to Clare, Michigan in celebration of the villages IRISH FESTIVAL!

If you've seen the movie or read the book that tells the story of a Grand Rapids boy's journey on the train to the North Pole, the stop over in Clare may be a dream come true for you!

The 1225 will be airriving in Clare around noon loaded with about 500 passengers excited about celebrating the villages Irish heritage!

Michigan Magazine TV will be there catching all the action for an upcoming show...AND will be broadcasting HIGHLIGHTS via our streaming channel on Ustream (MICHIGAN MAGAZINE TV NOW)...PLUS "Uploading" video reports on our YouTube Channel (spiritofmichigan)....

You'll also be able to be a part of the celebration via our other social media outlets: VINE, KEEP, INSTAGRAM, PIXABLE and more!

Now enjoy this video journey of THE PERE MARQUETTE 1225 making it's way along Northern Michigan's railways...

Then check out the wonderful souveneres of the 1225 as the Pere Marquette AND as the POLAR EXPRESS on this page just below this video!

If the "luck of the Irish" is with us....We'll see you in Clare this Saturday St. Patrick's Day March 15th 2014