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Friday, September 30, 2011

Fall - Pure Michigan Travel

Enjoy the Fall COLOR UPDATES from Pure Michigan Travel! We are!!!

Ahhhhhh nothing like fall in Meeeecheeeegun! :-)

Thursday, September 29, 2011


I've vowed to think MICHIGAN MADE first! and I've found this amazing outlet that just astounds me and gives me that warm fuzzy feeling about supporting our local economies!

Helping our neighbors and getting a wonderful product...what a great feeling!

It's not just 'cause they're my's because we have "as good" and even better products here in the state.

WHY do we, at times, FIRST look out of the state when what we want is in our own back yard!

I'm not sure why that seems to be....our far sightedness has many "short" comings.

ANYWAY....this is one guy who now looks first to Michigan!...Heading for another, even better, Michigan Holiday season!

Peace and blessings my friends from all of us at Michigan Magazine TV & Museum.....Barry :-)

Oh be sure and click the highlighted link at the start of this entry to whisk you away on an amazing journey of "Michigan Made" products!

Hey Michiganders here's DR MIKE'S STAY WELL SOUP!

Delicious soup to help you stay well during the chilly Michigan weather!! Mmmmm Good!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Monday, September 26, 2011

Michigan is Showing Her True Colors OTR!

We had a wonderful Day on the road here at Michigan Magazine!

Besides making friends at the Zebwing Tribal Cultural Center in Mt. Pleasant we spent the morning with author Jack Westbrook. Jack has an incurable condition of needing to share his love of Michigan's history....he being a vital part of that history. Watch for the visit on an upcoming edition of Michigan Magazine...For now just "Google" Jack Westbrook and see where it takes you!

On our way home to the studio we were taken by surprise by the wonderful splashes of Autumn Color appearing along M30 between Gladwin and West Branch.....just beautiful.

Everybody...get those cameras loaded and batteries looks like it's going to be another breathtaking Fall in the Great Lakes state...

Check out the video below for some beautiful fall moments that will touch your very soul!!

It's fall...experience it now in Michigan!

AMAZING AUTUMN Beautiful NATURE Relaxing music

Friday, September 23, 2011

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Monday, September 19, 2011

Civil War Re enactment Artillery Firing MM MUSEUM Sept 2011

Where Would We Be Without Volunteers?

Ah that is a distressing thought!

As far as the Michigan Magazine Museum simply would not exists!

That's right! The museum is run by one is paid. All who assist do it for the love of the mission.

Our mission is to inform and inspire all our fellow Michiganders. To pass the word along that we have so much opportunity right out our own backdoor!

It's a fact!

When Michigan Magazine Television and the Museum work hand in hand getting the word out the spirit of enthusiasm is inevitable. Along with the optimism and dedication of our volunteers it can get quite contagious!

Thank you volunteers we love and appreciate what you have done in keeping the show on the air and the museum doors open! God bless you all and we salute each and everyone one of YOU.

I hope you'll take a moment to listen to the testimony of 92 year old Paula Pakka below.....she is one dynamic lady!

We need more Paula's in this world!


91 + Year old Paula Pakka keeps on giving as Volunteer

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Michigan Events - Directory of Events in Michigan - Pure Michigan Travel

The last days of summer and the first days of Autumn 2011 are filled with Pure Michigan!Michigan Events - Directory of Events in Michigan - Pure Michigan Travel
Good bye summer...only days left! Welcome Autumn with a delicious OLD FASHIONED APPLE PIE RECIPE! Ohhhhhh Mmmm yes!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Our Visit to Kenon's & Unexplained tweets!

Thank you Barbara Goodboo for sharing the history and future of Kenyon's Hideaway with us.

I hope everyone get's to view segment 1 posted on this blog.

Barb has more to share with us..So watch for upcoming segments

Our visit extends to a walking tour of the upstairs rooms and more on the hidden trap doors and tunnels allegedly utilized by the Purple Gang back in the days of prohibition. Some of those tunnels traveled miles to amazing leads all the way to the Graceland Ballroom...imagine that!

Our tour upstairs included stories and reports of alleged paranormal activities.

Barb's even been approached by "Paranormal" investigation organizations for permission to investigate....set up all that wild and wooley ghost detecting gear that catches "what ever" on video and audio tapes and other digital gear...Barb tells us she will have nothing to do with this point in time anyway!

Room 18 is of special significance. Here a majority of previous owners took their last breath...Room 18 is the only room that includes a recently added outdoor balcony...beautiful.

Nothing paranormal happened to us of any significance while we filmed....ALTHOUGH we lost all power to my camera AND wireless microphones while filming a newly renovated bathroom...the only bathroom that could be salvaged with much of the old fixtures. After leaving the bathroom and connecting room....power mysteriously was restored...

Even though our tour was in the middle of the day shadows in dark corners started playing with me...figuratively ...While Barb spoke into the camera I saw shadows darting in the corner of my eye...Everything we experienced could probably be explained very easily...but still it was a little creepy.

I'm not a believer in ghosts but I believe that the spirit of a time and place can remain in memory and possibly become a part of an area...physically. Now I think I'm sounding ridiculous! I don't dwell on such things so I'm not good at articulating what I think in regards to such things...(I'm rambling nervously)

NOT to scare anyone from spending some good times at Kenyons in the beautiful dinning area and the upstairs rooms....It's wonderful and a nice place for an escape or to bring the whole family...

You'll agree, I'm sure, as we visit more with Barbara on upcoming segments.


While uploading our first segment of Kenyons to You Tube for some reason....Not under my direction (that I know of) My You Tube Channel (spiritofmichigan) kept tweeting my followers about the "bigfoot stackings" discovered near our museum. It happened three times (the tweets that is)...What's with that?

Anyone else have this happen? Unauthorized tweets I mean?

Sooooooo I apologize for those who received the tweets about the must think I'm obsessive about those stackings (although they are pretty cool). I am not and don't want to dwell on the subject...enough said...

If you continue to receive those tweets...don't know what to tell ya! So sorry! It's not me...I don't think!

The internet....gotta luv it!!

Kenyon's Hide-a-way Pt 1

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

On the next show Sept 20 & 21st SPECIAL MEMORIES!

Show 1638, the preview below, is a very special program with historical significance and fond memories.

Besides the historic unsealing of the Native American census rolls we also feature an appearance in the next segment of my late partner and co-host Dell Vaughan.

In the second segment of our program we film the Birmingham Community Concert Band, under the direction of Paul Laveck, as they perform our theme song SOAR LIKE AN EAGLE.

After the amazing presentation Dell says a few words of gratitude for their fine job....It's good to hear Dell's voice again.

As you may know Dell left this world back on April 11th 2010.

Good memories of many miles we spent on the road in the early days of Michigan Magazine!

Next week's program is also highlighted by a look at FEMA and the speed in which they work to get up and running to assist in national disasters.

A big thanks to MICHIGANDER and now FLORIDIAN Gene Kauffman who works with FEMA.

Gene coordinated the logistics of us bringing this amazing segment to Michigan Magazine.

The name Gene Kauffman may sound familiar to many Michiganders. Gene owned and operated many radio stations throughout the midwest and Michigan including WBMB 1060 AM in West Branch and WDBC in Escanaba.

I had the extreme honor of working for Gene at WBMB/WBMI in the very early 70s

Our paths crossed recently when he stopped by the Michigan Magazine Museum last summer after we re-connected on Face Book. Upon further conversation we found our family heritage had common roots... We found out we were cousins...imagine that...

The internet is amazing...

ANYWAY...I think you'll enjoy our travels in our September 20th and 21st presentation of Michigan Magazine on RFD TV...Andy Head HardHat will also be bringing us another geocache adventure with his geosnippits!

See ya then or before RIGHT HERE on our official Blog!


God bless!

Next on Michigan Magazine: Native American Census Rolls Unsealed!

Christmas Countdown 2011 - Find out how many days until Christmas 2011

Christmas Countdown 2011 - Find out how many days until Christmas 2011

Our Christmas Music Station 24/7

Michigan Magazine's Barry Stutesman shares his Christmas favorites!

New Christmas CD released by Michigan's Own Allen Bondar!

Click here to check out and download our friend Allen Bondar's CHRISTMAS Albom on Itunes..SOUNDS GREAT!

Christmas ALREADY?

Yes the earlier the better!

I love the time of year. It's just a good feeling and I love the closeness and goodwill it brings

Of course December 26th brings welcome relief from the hustle and bustle of the commercialism...but it's a "good" feeling of exhaustion when it's time to take the tree down!

We're all ready for a new beginning with fresh thoughts of fresh hope and a renewed feeling of faith.

I love this book A WISH TO BE A CHRISTMAS TREE by Colleen and Michael Monroe....It truly hits home that it's much more then a time of year that love and appreciation exists.

We had the opportunity to visit with this beautiful husband and wife team as the book was first released.

I'll feature the actual interview we conducted at the world famous Bronner's Christmas Wonderland....Wally introduced the book and authors to us...Wally was delighted with the message in the book.

If you get the chance to make the book a part of your family reading tradition along with the NIGHT BEFORE certainly will keep on "giving" in memories and inspiration...Happy early Holidays and the Merriest of upcoming Christmas seasons.

Order your copy of A WISH TO BE A CHRISTMAS TREE now by clicking HERE!

A Wish To Be A Christmas Tree

Michigan In The Civil War! This weekend at the Museum!

The video Michigan My Michigan is a tribute to those Michiganders who gave their all in a war that tore a nation apart.

This weekend at the Michigan Magazine Museum join us for a glimpse of how it may have been on the front lines.

This weekend is our annual Civil War Encampment complete with military drills and artillery with rein-actors.

You can tour the camp and talk to the rein-actors. Inside the museum the living history continues with authentic exhibits.

Join us thru Sunday!

Michigan My Michigan

Monday, September 12, 2011

The Michigan Magazine beginnings story and Dan Morgan Broadcast Pioneer

The Abundance of Sharing

The miracle is this: the more we share the more we have

Leonard Nimoy

Sunday, September 11, 2011


Join me at my favorite personal radio station! Here's the music and performers that have inspired me and millions of others! Join me...let's listen together!

A Letter From Sen. Levin

Dear Mr. Stutesman:

Each of us will forever remember the morning of September 11, 2001. To commemorate the heroism and resolve that was displayed in the face such a hate-inspired event, I would like to share with you my statement today on the ten year anniversary of 9-11.

“Ten years ago today, mindless hatred took the lives of thousands of our fellow citizens. But if the terrorists who struck us that day thought they would defeat us, the decade since has shown how badly mistaken they were. The attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, were a terrible blow. But they could not and did not overcome America’s courage, confidence, optimism and essential decency.

“This is a day to remember the lives lost on 9/11 and the loved ones who still mourn, and to remember the thousands of brave Americans who have sacrificed so much to defend us since that terrible day, especially those who have given ‘the last full measure of devotion’ to the nation that we all hold so dear.”

As we each commemorate this event in our own way, let us remember how we came together as a nation on that day, and in the ensuing weeks and months, to aid one another and to address this grave threat.


Carl Levin

BRANCH OUT! Lets Network!

Barry Stutesman and Michigan Magazine wants to NETWORK with you! Click here!

Alan Jackson-Where Were You When the World Stopped Turning

It's a day of resolve...and I've found this link to different perspectives a sobering look at the day that shook our souls. Those who lost their lives and their families will not be forgotten. This act of cowardice that was designed to bring us to our knees...has strengthened not destroyed...has brought us together not scattered. 911 Interactive Maps!

Friday, September 9, 2011

911 - New York, september 11th

Next Sept 13th & 14th KENYON'S HIDE-A-WAY Lupton

Memoralizing Those We Love and Admire!

After experiencing one of the most moving weekends of my life I have to pause and think...We MUST remember and never forget!

As I contemplate the Veterans Memorial we hosted this past weekend it is without reserve that I say TODAY is the day we must start remembering on a regular basis the sacrifices that have been made and are being made on a daily basis by those who served and are serving NOW!

If Michigan Magazine can do something to assist in this "mission" of remembrance and memorial-ism we will do so!

If God is willing we will hold such memorials on a regular basis. Especially for our Veterans...but not exclusively.

We know that there are heroes and heroins in the state and in the Great Lakes Region who must also be remembered and memorialized!

With that being said we now officially announce a drive to start our phase one of initiative. Or should I say continue in a more aggressive way to pursue our current memorial efforts.

Our memorial walkway has been in existence for over a decade with dozens of unique tributes to special people who have or are having a positive impact on lives.

If you would like to memorialize someone in your life whether they be a veteran or civilian...this is the most amazing and wonderful place to do so.

In doing so you not only memorialize a person but support our efforts to bring attention to the state of Michigan and the amazing things being done by Michiganders "off the beaten path".

Also if your business would like to say a few words of tribute to the Michigan spirit...we welcome that too.

Our plans of memorial will extend beyond the walkway into a dynamic and beautiful garden setting...A site of contemplation and meditation. A site to remember and rejoice in lives well lived! A site of inspiration.

Please help us not forget!

Call now (989) 848-2246 or email for an application. Or you may PRINT / COMPLETE / and SEND This Application!

For more information on our Memorial Walkway we invite you to click here!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Live broadcast by Ustream

Missing Children PLEASE HELP!

Michigan Magazine now streamed live on RFD TV Website!

We are pleased to let everyone know that you can watch Michigan Magazine TV now AS IT AIRS on RFD TV simply by joining the RFD TV COUNTRY CLUB.

Besides Michigan Magazine you can enjoy all programing offered by RFD TV including all the Roy Rogers classics, HEE HAW, The Ralph Emery Show, Crook & Chase and much much more!

Enjoy all RFD TV programing 24/7 in high quality streaming video as it's broadcast! Check it out now by clicking here!

What an amazing experience!

What an amazing experience this past Labor Day at the Michigan Magazine Museum.

Our memorial to U.S. and Canadian soldiers who have fallen in the line of duty since 911 was both sobering and heartfelt.

What a tremendous sacrifice these men and women have made and whose families are continuing to make in the name of freedom. God bless those soldiers and God bless the families. We will strive to assure you will not be forgotten.

Even though the cold weather dampened the expected turnout, those who took part, both veterans and civilians, walked away with a spirit of love and peace.

Veterans of wars past were quick to share the awesome memories of their service in love of their country.

We also commend organizers, First SGT Bob Blevins, Director of OLD WARRIOR CAMP and State Sr Vice Commander for Disabled American Veterans from Engadine, Michigan along with Don Delory for his devoted and focused efforts in bringing the event together. Job well done men!

A special thank you to 92 year old Paula Pakka of Mio for her singing of the National Anthem.

That day we, personally, walked away with many stories to tell to you on future editions of Michigan Magazine. Stay tuned and watch for upcoming segments.

We plan on visiting the amazing Old Warriors Camp for an in depth interview of it's generous work. We also plan on personally visiting some of the veterans in attendance for one on one interviews on their recollections of pivotal events in their service to their country. Many will astound you!

Also a big thank you to all who volunteered at the museum doing what ever was needed to bring this amazing memorial to fruition.

We also thank entertainer and Michigan Country Music Hall of Fame inductee Jerry Mawhorter for performing a tribute to my late partner and friend...former Marine Dell Vaughan. Thank you Jerry from all of us at the TV Show, Museum and of course the attending family, Garnetta Vaughan (Wife), Jeffrey Vaughan (Son), Cindy Basalone (Daughter), Doris Painter (Mother-in-law).