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Monday, June 16, 2014


Today June 16, 2014 Stan Laurel would have been 124 years old

Of course not many live that long anymore...BUT in the case of this comedic genius his face and voice are still bringing joy and laughter to those who witnessed his work along with those who still can capture glimpses of the team "Laurel and Hardy" here on the world wide web or on some Late, late show on Public or Commercial TV.

Laurel and Hardy are my personal favorites of all time!

It is with extreme honor that I can acknowledge the day of Stan Laurel's birth June 16,1890...

Happy Birthday Mr. Laurel..."Stanley"....

To commemorate this day I offer up this classic for your remembrance and enjoyment...."STAN & THE WINE"

Stan Laurel passed away February 23rd 1965..Here is rare footage of his funeral.......May God bless the Clown..He certainly was a blessing to us.....