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Friday, June 13, 2014

Celebrating THE DAY OF THE COWBOY! Michigan Magazine TV and RFD TV bring the Silver Screen Heros Back to Life!

Today we celebrate The Day of The Cowboy! The Spirit of The Cowboy is undeniable....

These are the true heroes of integrity, loyalty, humility and hard work!

Some say they are a dieing breed!! It is not so!!!

Their numbers are growing.....oh so quietly but growing steadily non the less!

The Cowboy Spirit must be celebrated and Michigan Magazine TV along with the RFD TV Network is seeing to that on a national as well as local level!

With our producer Clifford Parent heading the herd of N. MICHIGAN COWBOY DAYS that spirit will come alive once again during our celebration July 4th, 5th and Sixth!

The love of the days of Cowboy heroes springs eternal and surprisingly is being discovered along Michigan's back-roads!

That is certainly the case when we discovered an old west "ghost" town springing into existence through the sweat and tears of two Oscoda county citizens...

The town is lovingly called Coopersville and is one of the sites on the trail of Cowboy Days!

The Cowboy hero look a likes will converge on the settlement open to the public FREE OF CHARGE!

There will be shoot outs...autograph ops...and lots of bbq available for purchase!

Take a look at our visit with Spike and Stan about their little town which has grown by about 6 or 7 new building since our visit a few months past!

We'll see ya on the trails...but for now let's celebrate this Day in tribute to the old west and the American Cowboy!