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Thursday, February 27, 2014

The Music that IS Michigan Magazine TV! Soar Like An Eagle and The Michigan Magazine Song!

As you may know Michigan Magazine is celebrating our 25th year on the air.

We began back in 1989 when we started filming the first series that would debut on commercial television WBKB Channel 11 in Alpena.

We continued our commercial television broadcasts throughout the state on 29 & 8 Traverse City, 47 Lansing and 66 Flint.

Then onto the Michigan Public TV network that carried us at various times throughout the state on all 14 channels of the network.

Then around 2005 we made contact with RFD TV out of Nashville who picked us up and where we are today.

For approximately 2 years we were on both the Michigan Public TV Network and RFD TV with two separate versions of the show...It kept us on the go and busy producing different for our state audience and another for a new found national fans.

We hope you help us celebrate our quarter of a century anniversary by checking out our YouTube channel "spiritofmichigan" (all one word), where we are uploading literally THOUSANDS of interviews we've conducted over the years.

You'll definatly notice the ever changing technology from analog to digital...what a wild ride it's been.

Our YouTube channel is also where we archive our weekly shows for viewing on demand for those who can't catch us on "Rural America's most important network" RFD TV.

We also archive the shows on our LIVE STREAMING CHANNEL on MICHIGAN MAGAZINE TV NOW!

For those who follow us where we go we thank you for your support and inspiring words of encouragement.

In honor of our Michigan travels and the Michiganders who make this state such an exciting experience, here are a couple of links to the music that has made the program so recognizable.

The first is SOAR LIKE AN EAGLE by my former partner, co founder and co-host of the program Dell Vaughan.

The second song is THE MICHIGAN MAGAZINE SONG by my partner and former co-host Bill Pineo.

They both are recognizable and share the optimism and spirit of the Michiganders who have shared their lives with us.

These are Mp3 downloads and only take a few seconds to download

Follow the links and you'll find the full CDs or Mp3 downloads