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Wednesday, February 26, 2014


We've been on the road checking out the latest autos for 2014 at International auto shows throughout the Midwest!

What a world gone wild!

At the N. American International Auto Show we featured this past week on the show we realized that quality was number one along with efficiancy and something that couldn't be claimed by autos of yesteryear!

Now days it could almost be said it comes in as standard on most autos...and that is...."expect your vehicle to exceed 100,000 miles with out a problem!"

I can remember as a kid that THAT was an days it's not unusual to see vehicles on the road in excess of 200,000 miles....They just don't make 'em like they used to! THANK GOODNESS!

As a matter of fact the last Oldsmobile Sillouette that Michigan Magazine traveled the state with had in excess of 600,000 original miles on it when we retired that loyal beast...and it was still going strong!

Our attention just recently turned to another vehicle on the road that we simply took for granted as "being there" with no change. That being the Semi trucks...the big rigs...the 18 wheelers..the long haulers etc. etc!

Wow were we wrong!

What we'll be seeing on the road soon will seem like it comes straight out of Star Treck!

Check out what you'll soon see on the road truckin' Walmart goodies around the U.S.A.

I wonder if we could wrangle something like this up for our next Michigan Magazine TV Crew vehicle!

If not that...perhaps we'll change professions and become a professional Long Hauler.