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Friday, February 7, 2014

25 Years On The Air.....We look back at our first year 89-90...Oh my...seems like yesterday

As we enter our 25th year on the air here at Michigan Magazine we are anxiously going through our archives of past segments!

What an amazing feeling....viewing a couple of young fellows excited and energetic about what lay ahead in this television medium they decided to pursue

I'm talking about myself and my partner Dell Vaughan.

I was 33 and Dell 51...Dell coming from a construction worker guitar playing background....and me, working all my adult life in broadcasting in Radio and small market TV.

We started the program because no one discouraged us and we knew what we'd like to do the rest of our life.

Looking at our first year on Michigan Public Television in this specific segment...I can recall it like it was yesterday....I can feel the wind and the bitter cold....It seems like only yesterday...but a quarter century has passed greased lightening.

Take a look at one of our first shows and see if you can feel the excitement we felt...We look mighty different...but I feel the same....It's funny how that goes....