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Thursday, September 18, 2014

So You Want to Know More About Alpacas In Michigan!..Join us For National Alpaca Farm Day September 27th

Crystal Lake Alpaca Farm hosts National Alpaca Farm Day

Andrea Nelson

FRANKFORT, Mich. – On Saturday, September 27, the Crystal Lake Alpaca Farm (4907 River Road, Frankfort) will host National Alpaca Farm Day from 1-5 p.m. The free, family-friendly event will feature an exclusive meet the alpaca experience, fiber art demonstrations, an Alpaca 101 seminar and much more.

Michigan Magazine was on hand at last year's event and got more then they bargained for with the actual birth of an Alpaca!

Yes the days events were well worth the visit BUT an actual birth of this amazingly docile and beautiful animal....well this was the crowning moment as it was all caught on video....which you can see in all it's WONDERFUL NATURALNESS in the Michigan Magazine TV video presentation below!

CAUTION although there is beauty in this is quite graphic and should be viewed with this in mind.


“We are extremely excited to host National Alpaca Farm Day for the third consecutive year,” said Chris Nelson, co-owner of the Crystal Lake Alpaca Farm. “The ‘alpaca lifestyle’ is truly a rewarding one, and we love being able to share these enchanting animals for a fun-filled day with everyone who visits our farm.”

During the event, guests will have an opportunity to mingle and take photos with the farm’s alpacas, participate in activities, watch local spinners demonstrate fiber arts, learn about these exquisite animals and browse the alpaca boutique.

From 4-5 p.m., owners Chris Nelson and David Nelson, DVM, will host a free Alpaca 101 seminar for those who are interested in starting an alpaca farm. The discussion will focus on the financial and personal benefits of investing in an alpaca farm.

Alpacas originate from Peru, and produce the most luxurious fiber known to man. It is warmer than wool, softer than cashmere, hypoallergenic, extremely durable and does not itch.

For more information about the Crystal Lake Alpaca Boutique and National Alpaca Farm Day, please contact Chris Nelson (231-920-7085) or Andrea Nelson (517-599-5500), or email


About the Crystal Lake Alpaca Farm

The Crystal Lake Alpaca Farm is a high quality small alpaca farm located in Frankfort, Michigan. As alpaca farmers, it is our goal is to raise healthy happy alpacas with the most elite, fine and dense fleece possible. We also pride ourselves in providing our clients with excellent personal care, mentoring, veterinary support and services such as sales and breeding.


About the Crystal Lake Alpaca Boutique

The Crystal Lake Alpaca Boutique was established on the Nelson Family Farm in the Spring of 2012. The interior of the boutique is completely designed with wood harvested from the farm’s land. The boutique carries a variety of alpaca products including hats, mittens, scarves, neck warmers, the famous alpaca socks, sweaters, stuffed animals and much more!


And now the miracle of birth......