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Thursday, September 25, 2014

Depression Era Cooking with Clara! The Ultimate Collection!

For the past several years we've been featuring the wonderful down home videos of America's Number One Grandmother, CLARA, as she shares her memories of depression era cooking in segments called "Depression Era Cooking with Clara"....(That's pretty easy to remember! )

As you may know Clara passed away back in 2013 but her videos live on here at the Michigan Magazine TV blog and elsewhere on the internet.

Watching Clara prepare her wonderful simple dishes always brings a warm feeling to those who view them.

There's plenty of love packed into each one. You, as a viewer, are assured of this since each video and visit with Clara is filmed and edited by loving family members :-)

We will continue to bring you the best of Clara here on a regular basis....

Hey! Wouldn't it be a great holiday gift if the family got together and made a commemorative DVD of ALL OF CLARA'S RECIPES?

That dream has come true. YES!

Check it out!

What an ultimate gift it would be to find, not only Clara's cookbook but her Video as well lovingly wraped under the tree this year!

It's at the top of my gift giving list this year.....AND I'm ordering an extra combo for MYSELF!

To order the cook book and or the DVD copy of SEASON 1 TODAY click the links below!

To order the complete collection of Clara's Recipes on DVD follow the directions at the end of the video..

Thank you and happy holidays!