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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Time To Throw "IT" Out There!

"Joy is a boomerang!"

For me, those are words to live by.

Come to think of it, you could replace "joy" with any other attribute!....

It's a "KARMA" thing...and we all know what this "Law" of the universe entales...right?...Of course. Don't deny it we've all been on both sides of the law! :-)

On this Thursday morning I was delighted to run accross this "Simple Truths" video extoling the attitude sharing technique...

For me, it is an inspriing piece that tells it all in a few dynamic tips or "truths", that when placed into action WILL change your world....really!!

With mountains of "editing" and "writing" to do with production "deadlines" looming and comittments promised that should never have been committed :-) I face this day with this little video of hope and laws of faith and joy.

Take a look and have a great day...

Time to toss the boomerang....

See ya tomorrow on the next edition of Michigan Magazine TV....we've got a whole "case" of boomerangs we'll be tossing your way!


We bring you the joy of another Michigan celebratiion in Clare!


Then we visit with Craig Pennington of St. John Illustrator of the Grandma Janet Mary children's book series...Now here is an amazing story of a dynamic duo whose "attitude" of joy and graditude will fill your heart with inspiration.....

See ya then!

Meanwhile enjoy the above video to start your day!