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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

There's a Train Comin' Down the Tracks Heading For Clare!..Wow, Will You Look at that! It's the 1225!

The Pere Marquette 1225 is coming to town!

Yup the same train that was the inspiration for the animated motion picture featurng the talents of Tom Hanks is back on the tracks again...This time coming to Clare, Michigan in celebration of the villages IRISH FESTIVAL!

If you've seen the movie or read the book that tells the story of a Grand Rapids boy's journey on the train to the North Pole, the stop over in Clare may be a dream come true for you!

The 1225 will be airriving in Clare around noon loaded with about 500 passengers excited about celebrating the villages Irish heritage!

Michigan Magazine TV will be there catching all the action for an upcoming show...AND will be broadcasting HIGHLIGHTS via our streaming channel on Ustream (MICHIGAN MAGAZINE TV NOW)...PLUS "Uploading" video reports on our YouTube Channel (spiritofmichigan)....

You'll also be able to be a part of the celebration via our other social media outlets: VINE, KEEP, INSTAGRAM, PIXABLE and more!

Now enjoy this video journey of THE PERE MARQUETTE 1225 making it's way along Northern Michigan's railways...

Then check out the wonderful souveneres of the 1225 as the Pere Marquette AND as the POLAR EXPRESS on this page just below this video!

If the "luck of the Irish" is with us....We'll see you in Clare this Saturday St. Patrick's Day March 15th 2014