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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Comments on this week's show #1845 The Extremely Fun Cowboy Races & A visit with Barbara Yoder Michigan Author!

This week's show was another of my favorites!

As always Shaun Beardsley and her Natural Horsemanship abilities shown through in flying colors with another great Extremely Fun Cowboy Race at Liberty Pines despite the rainy weather.

This was the second annual and like the first the "show went on" despite the rain....As Shaun stated to the competitors in the show....We're all Cowboys and Cowgirls...we can handle it"....And that they did.

We're looking forward to the third annual next October!

Don't forget all you equestrian enthusiasts....Shaun will be hosting a new segment on Michigan Magazine give tips on horse handling utilizing "Natural Horsemanship"

We had planned on debuting the segment this November but productions has postponed the debut until a yet unspecified time....We're excited about the segments and I think you all will enjoy them...All I can say is "STAY TUNED" for the latest on the upcoming show.

The second segment on this week's show deals with our visit with Barbara Yoder and her book FINDING THE WAY.

Barbara, here husband Eugene and there children left the Amish life to live a more secular lifestyle...That decision can be felt in her work of fiction that is inspired by her Amish life growing up.

It's a wonderful read and we'll be bringing you part two of our visit in a couple of weeks

A curious thing about Barbara since we last met a few years back....We attempted to contact her for an update on the progress of her new book she was starting the week we visited

We can not get hold of her by phone or email....And her web site is no longer in existence!

This leads me to think that possibly she may have returned to the Amish Faith.

In our interview in this week's show I could feel a bit of longing in her heart to return to her family and friends she had to leave behind when she left the faith...

We will let you know if we do make contact with Barbara or Eugene Yoder of Chase can still purchase a copy of FINDING THE WAY at our website dedicated to books and authors we've featured on Michigan Magazine! CLICK HERE Then click on the tab "MORE" then "Michigan Books Reviewed"

We hope you enjoy this week's show #1845 at your leisure...on demand here: