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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Bigfoot Still The Subject of Believers In Northern Michigan.....

Bigfoot in Northern Michigan?

We've dealt with the subject in countless interviews featuring investigators who've opened up to the Michigan Magazine Cameras.

We've also conducted Bigfoot seminars at our facilities in Comins....with believers and skeptics alike.

The subject is still a "hot button" that starts the conversation rolling in N. Michigan

There are still active investigations in progress....One such team reportedly is gathering some amazing "evidence" that they will share in an upcoming video series we hope to share with you soon on Michigan Magazine.

Some have asked me if I believe in such a creature. A creature so elusive that all so called "evidence" is questioned, ridiculed and dismissed as a hoax or explainable forest anomaly.

I always answer "I believe in the possibilities of things still unknown lurking and/or intelligently cloaking it's existence from encroaching humans"..

Those witnesses I've interviewed are sincere....They have seen or heard something out of the ordinary in the deep northern Michigan forests..

Stay tuned for an exciting journey....Take a look at this video clip of the upcoming series.....