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Thursday, April 19, 2012

About Make It Happen!


My name is Dwayne LeForge and this is a short story about my motorcycle accident that occurred in 2000.

Waking up after 18 days in a comma and having a 7% chance of living, I was told by my son that I had lost my left leg and had a broken neck, back, left arm and broken right leg. I thought for a brief moment I wanted to give up. However after seeing my wife and son by my side, I knew I had to fight and I refused to accept this and set my focus on the future and Making it Happen! After 18 months in the hospital before coming home. Leaving me bound to a wheelchair losing one leg and with many other limitations I Made it Happen! (with help from some great Doctors) With the support of family and friends I have been able to achieve some goals but still fight to achieve more! I was told I would never walk but have managed to have an artificial leg made and can stand for 20 MINUTES! I CAN NOW TAKE A FEW STEPS!!!! YOU can do anything you set your mind to doing! Events that I once took for granted are now my goals and helping others believe they too can MAKE IT HAPPEN!

Please email us with your comments and concerns. Email: PHONE: (989) 941-INFO (4636)

Together we can MAKE IT HAPPEN!


P.S. A special Thank you, to my Mother Edith LeForge and my Sister Ruth Ann Worley, for fighting for my life. The doctors did not want to put me back together and your extra effort saved me from being a donor!