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Friday, April 6, 2012


Tremendous turnout at Townhall Meeting, in Houghton Lake/Prudenville, for FINDING BIGFOOT series!

Entire cast there to interact with locals and plan 11 day investigation in N. Michigan. All this will make for great conversation at our Third Annual Bigfoot Bash at the Michigan Magazine Museum last weekend in July! Hope to see you all there....especially those at last night's meeting who where singled out to take part in the "recreations" and actual investigation.

Air date for N. Michigan segments tentatively set for September...But as crew told me this is a very big TENTATIVELY. I know how that goes! Of course we were not allowed to take any video or pictures. Understandable.

I believe one or two of the local newspapers were allowed to take for that in your local newspaper.

Do I believe?...Well after last night's meeting with all those who had stories to!..It's hard not to believe SOMETHING'S out there!

FINDING BIGFOOT on Animal Planet!