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Friday, May 4, 2012

Host Dwayne Leforge of MAKE IT HAPPEN Walks Again!

The road may be difficult but with hope and incredible determination Dwayne begins intensive therapy with his new prosthesis.

The prosthetic, created by West Branch Orthotec, demands a determined and dedicated recipient to MAKE IT HAPPEN!

As we witnessed yesterday, in person, the fitting process and Dwayne's efforts to walk again, we were impressed with the determination of our new Michigan Magazine co-host to set an example of what can be done by the physically challenged if they just knew who to turn to and what to do!

That's the essence of Dwayne's mission. To prove one's dreams can still exist and be accomplished if one learns how to condition one's self to look at the world thru new "glasses" and take advantage of avenues that open up unexpectedly.

In other words "spot" the opportunities and MAKE IT HAPPEN! Never give up until you find a way.

That's what our new series is all about. Dwayne is creating a network of "possibilities" through "action".

Dwayne and Michigan Magazine TV plan to be "there for you" if you are physically challenged or a care giver of the challenged.

If everyone else says NO...Give Dwayne a call and watch him MAKE IT HAPPEN!

On the second episode, scheduled for airing May 8th and 9th on RFD TV you witness Dwayne and son Joe begin the process of creating the MAKE IT HAPPEN Network with a visit to an area Senior Center in Ogemaw county to discuss and garner support to get the job done.

Also watch for an upcoming segment featuring Dwayne's journey turned mission to walk again.