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Sunday, February 1, 2015


Super Bowl Sunday....Yeeeeehaw!

Those poor food delivery people!

This is Thee busiest food delivery day of the year!

I know this from personal experience...being a Pizza dellivery person for nearly 5 years....

I've experienced the joys and the horrors of the job...

The "Joys" are what delivery legends are made of.....The Horrors can bring the toughest to their knees!

This is the most tense day for the young men and women bringing the food to your door so you can enjoy the "Big game"!

Please have mercy on these special people!

I Still shutter when I hear the words shouted out "Delivery Up!"

God speed delivery persons!.....God Speed.....and may the "Tip of all tips" be the next delivery!

And for you wonderful kind to the young man or woman delivering your sustanance!

Enjoy the Game!

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