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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

It's Been Nearly Ten Years Since We Lost This Man....Actor, Comedian....Friend of The Family! R.I.P. Barney Fife...

9 Years ago on this day, February 24th, 2006 we lost a dear actor, comedian and "family friend" Don Knotts.

Refering to Mr. Knotts as a "family friend" isn't meant to indicate that we knew him personally or even crossed paths with this American Icon. It's meant simply as a term of endearment that millions of fans world-wide can relate to.

Whether one knew him personally or not...he was always a friend of the family.

He came into our homes everyweek via various TV series or sitcoms.....Graced the silver screen with deightfull full length feature films.

If you've seen Don's work, whether tv or screen while growing have a special place in your heart and memory for Barney.

Rest in peace......Jessie, Donald Knots (Barney)...friend

Well deserved momentous career highlight...