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Thursday, November 20, 2014

Michigan...and The World! We have a problem!


Michigan Magazine discovered the amazing misconception about bats and the roll they play in the world!

That misconception..."BATS ARE GOOD FOR NOTHING"......W R O N G!

A few years back we learned the truth by visiting a bat conservation organization based in Michigan to learn some amazing facts from the pros....

We will be featuring that segment that aired over a decade ago on the Michigan Public Television Network as a "Look Back into the Michigan Magazine Archive" Feature shortly.

In that segment we "played" among the most mis understood flying mammels in the world...

We fed, by hand, the world's largest bats....Had eye to eye close encounters with the feared "Vampire" bat" and learned the truth that changed our perception FOREVER!

With the filming of the major motion picture "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice" here in Michigan, the bat has come into the "spotlight" again.

Seizing the opportunity of "Bat Awareness" the conservation organization, based in Michigan, reached out to producers and actors of the film to help spread the concern of the serious decline in bat populations world wide......and THEY TOUCHED BACK!

Please watch and learn....Please.....

Be sure and watch for our upcoming "Looking Back" segment on the Organization for Bat Conservation at Cranbrook!