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Thursday, May 1, 2014

One of the Saddest Days In The Life Of Melissa E. Gilbert...(Half Pint)

As a "Little House On The Prairie" was a real treat,this week,to watch NBC's TODAY show reunion of "still living" cast memebers.

As many of you know,"Laura", Melissa Gilbert (half pint), has settled down in her new "little house on the prairie" in Howell, Michigan.....

Melissa and her new husband, actor & Michigan native, Timothy Busfield just celebrated their first anniversary April 24th and have made it known that they have life long plans in Michigan.

As we follow Melissa's tweets and instagram posts it's evident she's making "oodles" of friends and becoming a vital part of Howell and surrounding communties.

Both Melissa and Tim are very much aware and a part of today's Hollywood events but are quick to return home to Howell and their new neighbors and friends.

As fresh memories are made by the new couple, Mellisa's fans continue to remember her early years as Laura Ingles of Little House On The Prairie.

Many fans remember "Laura's experiences" as their own personal and precious memories.

Melissa seems to savor and respect that in her fans...

When "Little House" fans are asked about what they most remember about growing up with the cast of the series answers vary...It meant different things to many people BUT the final episode was the most "traumatic"

.....Michael Landon proved himself a master of emotion in creating a "final resting" place for Wallnut Grove......And this was one of the "saddest" days in the life of Melissa E. Gilbert....