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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Food Banks & Pantries in Michigan

We had the privilege of visiting a local food pantry yesterday. It was a fairly new operation created by a group called TRI-POINT CONNECTIONS in cooperation with the Friends Church of Lupton, Michigan.

With spirits high the volunteers begin to collect from neighbors and distribute to neighbors much needed food and sundries.

With limited resources the group has been helping sustain the lives of at least 15 families.

Thank you all for the kindness and compassion shown in volunteering to these organizations that help fellow Michiganders who have found themselves in very tight spots because of our economy and general hard luck situations.

This has inspired Michigan Magazine to look more into these operations state wide.

In doing so we have compiled a list and contact numbers of Food Banks and Pantries throughout the state of Michigan. Watch the video and utilize the information we've collected to get the word out that NO ONE IN MICHIGAN has to go hungry!

Again thanks to all of those involved in sharing the bounty of Michigan...May God bless you all! :-)