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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Autumn on Michigan's backroads with Michigan Magazine

What a wonderful weekend for experiencing the colors of autumn in Michigan!

Temperatures were in the 70s & 80s here in northern Michigan and the skies were the brightest of blue with the sunniest of sunshine!

What a show mother nature shared with us!

We stopped by the grape vineyards of Rose Valley near Hale and watched as our friends harvested the delicious "cold hearty" grapes that N.E. Michigan is so well known for.

The harvest was good!

Then we stopped by our home base, the Michigan Magazine Museum between Comins and Fairview for a short visit with Nelson Yoder, our curator.

Nelson is buttoning up the museum for the 2011 season.

It was a good year but not the best as far as attendance was concerned. We certainly have serious concerns about the future of the museum that has just went through it's 13th season.

Crowds are low...only a couple thousands made their way through the doors in our celebration of the TV show and the people of the state of Michigan.

Quite a far cry from our very first year when tens of thousands crowded onto the grounds for a single event.(1999 expo = over 25,000 in two days!)

Times are tough and we know it...But so are we and we believe in our mission.

In the above video we visit with Nelson who asks for your support in what ever form you wish.

In this visit we talk about our museum MEMORIAL WALKWAY. A chance for all to support our cause and memorialize those special people in your life forever more!

God bless you and all the volunteers for helping us present another season at the Michigan Magazine Museum where we continue to spotlight those hearty Michiganders who we featured on the program and those who have shared their personal slice of the Great Lakes State with a positively pure Michigan attitude!

NOW while there is still time...get out and see the wonderful is soooo dynamic!...

I expect within a few short days the woods will have shed their abundance...and stand bare...bracing for the oncoming winter wonderland! :-)