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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Welcome 2011 Happy New Year Everyone

The book is new, the pages clean and fresh! Let's get to filling those pages with life's wishes and dreams fulfilled

Easier said then done you say? Well.....the journey is 80-90 percent of the whole experience and it's in those foot steps forward that nuggets of life's precious moments can be found just under our feet...Tread softly and stop to collect and appreciate those every day blessings that might just be your prayers coming true.

I have found it so true, that when one prays for things the expectations and visualizations by the one praying my not be in the form the prayer is answered.

How many times have you prayed and wished for things to happen or problems to be resolved but gave up in that wish or resolution because your faith wavered? Then later down life's path you realize in looking back that the thing or problem you prayed and wished for had been provided or been taken care of....just not in the manner you had seen in your minds eye?

It happens all the time. I've seen it time and time again in my life and in friends and relatives lives.

I try and make it a point each day to stop.....REALLY stop and count my blessings. In doing so I've discovered prayers answered in the most unexpected ways. Ways that would have gone unnoticed unless I stopped to count my blessings. I have found time and time again that God knows best how to answer my prayers! After all he is God!

I hope I'm not sounding too cliche BUT the truth always seems to become cliche.

My resolution this year is to go forward with that much publicized "attitude of gratitude" which has become this generation's cliche. Each morning before anything is done I will count yesterdays blessings. Also I will take a second and harder look at the overwhelming truths found in cliches...after all the greatest teacher on this planet told us all once "the truth shall set us free".

Again...HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE and may God bless you and yours!