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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Michigan Magazine NEW Radio Call In Talk Show!

I am so excited about this wonderful new venue we have created!

We are now broadcasting each week on Blog Talk Radio!

It's for only 15 minutes to begin with but it affords us the ability to talk live on the air...or should I say ON THE INTERNET about Michigan Magazine tv and how great our state is.

At the same time we have given you our viewers and listeners a chance to call in and become a part of the show. We have five telephone lines open on each program and hope you will share your enthusiasm for Michigan with us...tell us what you think of Michigan and recommend those special places you'd like our crew to venture and bring to our audience each week on our television show!

It's also a chance for us at Michigan Magazine to fill you in on our past, present and future adventures along with our exciting plans as we head into the world of High Deff and interactive television.

Our program is called THE SPIRIT OF MICHIGAN and can be accessed by clicking on the show discriptions you see here on this page in the upper right section.

We've just completed our first 15 minute segment and are REALLY excited about the possiblities our new talk show with YOU as our guests will create!

Take a moment now to take a listen to this week's show 'WHERE IN THE WORLD DID MICHIGAN MAGAZINE GO!" Then we hope you'll subscribe to the weekly feed reminders or just stop by here after the show to click on the archived feed.

You will also be able to download the actual shows to your Ipod from our show page or from Itunes at the Apple store!

We are planning some pretty exciting sements that will demand longer shows...but for now we'll keep it fast paced and to the point, and POSITIVELY MICHIGAN!

For now the program will air at 7 a.m. Sunday mornings. This will give you time to listen before preparing for this universal family day..many people will be getting ready for church or preparing for the visit by or to family and friends....It's kinda of a free day for everyone to enjoy..that's why we hope we will be able to point you in the right direction with a smile and a song perhaps!

No stress though to join us on time...only if you want to take part in the program...To listen at your leisure you'll be able to access our archives... Hope you can join us!

Have a great week!