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Friday, May 7, 2010

Watch out for Megan Rae

Megan Rae belts out a single from her debut album exclusively... on Twitpic
I rolled out of bed at 4:30 am this morning with a catchy little tune running over and over in my head. I song I heard yesterday in the studio of R&R Productions just out of Grand Rapids. The song was being sung by a fresh new Michigan talent named Megan Rae.
A visit with 14 year old Megan Rae at R&R studios, Wyoming on Twitpic
She is only 14 years old but has the talent and potential of a seasoned professional...what a delight! Watch for the upcoming segment on Michigan Magazine. Yesterdays journey to R&R productions of Wyoming was organized and arranged by our Producer Dan Morgan "this is one story we just got to give to the Michigan People!"...I am soooo glad I agreed.
Michigan Magazine interviews Robyn Robins,(founder member and... on Twitpic
Robyn Robbins (founding member of THE SILVER BULLET BAND) , R&R owner & producer, is tapping into a fairly large pool of untapped raw Michigan talent. I am sooo pleased we have been given the opportunity to be a part of the equation that will, perhaps, sew the seeds of up and coming stars FROM MICHIGAN.
Michigan Magazine crew visits R&R Productions of Wyoming, Mic... on Twitpic
The Michigan Magazine crew, Producer/Engineer Dan Morgan, Cameraman Keven O'Neil and myself were sooooo warmly greeted and made to feel at home by PR Manager Kathy Miller and Robyn himself...we immediately felt at home...Despite me being obviously overwhelmed and impressed with the scores of Gold and Platinum records that hung on the wall over the Baby Grand Piano!!
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Our interview with Robyn will undoubtedly show a humble man who has lived that life of ROCK AND ROLL...traveled the world and come back to Michigan to share his expertise with the next generation of music makers. Great guy and great story coming up on Michigan Magazine.
Robyn Robins Producer/owner of R&R Productions and founding m... on Twitpic
AND MEGAN! My what a talented little lady....she is in good hands. Her new album will be released this summer and is peppered with the talent of Robyns Rock and Roll Hall of Fame friends!...WOW what a step up this 14 year middle school student from Vicksburg has.....As you will see on upcoming Michigan Magazine segments....she deserves it.
14 year old Megan Rae of Vicksburg debuts new album exclusive... on Twitpic

Thanks again R&R Productions for sharing! HERE'S A PREVIEW of Megan Rae!