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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Springtime in Michigan!

Love it! Getting a wonderful May rain this morning. The kind of rain that cleans the air and revitalizes the spirit.

I left our bedroom windows open last night to let those warm breezes filled with the wonderful smell fill the room.....Had GREAT dreams and woke up ready! Ready for "what" ? I'm not sure....but I'm sure I'm gunna be prepared! :-)

It's been 4 hours since I got up and moved into my home studio and the rain is still coming down. "Things" are going to be green!

What a wonderful week it was last week at Michigan Magazine. Met some wonderful Michiganders on the hiways and biways. Love those chance encounters in department stores with viewers and friends. I kinda hate getting caught in the cosmetic section buying for my wife...."hey Barry I didn't know you wore make up"......hmmm not a bad Idea I say.

I'd like to thank Rick Kalosis of Alger's PSA graphics this week for getting the Michigan Magazine HHR on the road with new lettering to let everyone know that Michigan Magazine is in town....Look for the gold Chevy HHR on the road and honk if you're watching!

Also like to thank our Associate Executive Producer Dan Morgan of Ziggynet for making the arrangments for some exciting segments coming down the line for Michigan Magazine.....Next week we'll be heading for Wyoming....Michigan that is! You all are going to be surprised what we've discovered down there that will make your head whirl!

Well we are also getting mighty excited about the Michigan Magazine opening up in just a few weeks. Carol Fisher (989) 826-3169, our event coordinator, is working up a storm with some mighty excitin events...She tells me she has room for vendor particiapation in our upcoming events...check it out at our Museum events page at our web site

Nelson Yoder our museum curator is on the way to the museum as we speak...preping the museum for visitors! 989.848.2246... Be sure and to the "spiritofmichigan" at YOUTUBE to find a video on the upcoming museum events.

Gotta go everyone...hopefully we'll see ya on the backroads.