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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Getting Geeked!

Yup! That's definitely what you could call it.

We are all getting "geeked" at Michigan Magazine as we ad new stories and segments to the fall line up of our television show on the RFD-TV Network!

One new feature we are presenting, as a regular feature, fits extremely nicely into the "getting geeked" category! That is Geocaching.

We are welcoming aboard "Head Hard Hat", Geocaching pro, Andy Smith and his "Geosnippits"

On a regular basis you'll follow Andy and his crew on Geocaching expeditions not only in Michigan but throughout the country. From Rural to Urban locations you'll see country back roads and city streets from a never before experienced perspective....that of a "geocacher"...the modern day "treasure hunter".

Andy will not only share his "off the beaten path" adventures but he will also provide handy tips along with dos and don'ts of geocaching that'll keep the past time fun and safe.

Geocaching began about 10 years ago and has just recently EXPLODED as a new family hobby....OR as in Andy's case "Obsession"!

We, as well as Andy, are truly "Geeked" about the coming of "Geosnippits" on Michigan Magazine!

It's gonna be funnnn!

If you're still wondering what Geocaching is, head on over to Andy's blog at!