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Friday, July 24, 2009

The Future of Michigan Magazine on The Web

Faster then the speed of light the Internet offers the means to communicate beyond my wildest dreams.

First there was the old time "Bulletin Boards" allowing us simple daily posts to surfers slicing along at a ,then blazing, 2500 bps. :-) Then came the "web site" along with its HTML, "hyperlinks" and viewer discussion entries.

Then "chat" and "video conferencing". This had to be the limit! Right?....No way!

Now there's Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, and Blogger blazing along on broadband and T1s! Wow!

We've tried to keep up but as soon as we think we gotter' licked something new comes along.

It is amazingly exciting and becoming a part of EVERYONE'S daily life.

Oh sure there's the proverbial "holdout" thinking that they can do without this web "hoopla" but they will eventually come on board "to see what all the commotion is about". I've seen THAT happen time and time again. I was even one of the staunchest critics of the "social networking scene". But I've found now that I simply can't function properly without it.

Michigan Magazine has two active web sites, and, along with a presence on MySpace, Facebook, Twitter and now....starting today, Blogger.

With Blogger, we're hoping, our daily thoughts, plans and dreams can be expounded on. Not limited to the 140 character of Twitter or the hassle of placing everything in HTML, hyperlinks and FTPs....... We'll just log on and start "expounding".

Simplicity has returned to the Internet. Who do we have to impress anyway? We welcome it back.

Well...time to let my thoughts roll and get honest to goodness one on one discussion going on the future of this 21 year old thing we call MICHIGAN MAGAZINE and it's beautiful little 11 year old sister "The Museum".

Let's do it!