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Sunday, March 1, 2015

Will This Winter EVER END?...Yes!..There's Hope!.....We Will Survive and look back at it's beauty....:-)

Existing through one of the coldest Michigan winters in history is painfully memorable.

Steeped with fleeting flashes of beauty that may, as we look back, be what will eventually make it all worth while....maybe...

The sub-zero temperatures have brought many a hardy Michigander to his or her prayer for a speedy merciful winter.

If all goes as planned.....and history reliably repeats itself...those prayers will be answered in about 18 days...give or take a week......or two....or three.

March 20th marks the first day of Spring!

The calendar date is "official", BUT old man winter will cling to his domain by the very tip of his fingernails :-)....Until eventually....he "blinks" and it's over.

With that bit of hope I offer you these snippets of winters past...Specifically winter highlights of our name sake, LAKE MICHIGAN!

We dedicate this blog to those winter souls who made lemonade out of the great lakes...through their passion for life.

Sincerely,...A weary winter soul....your friend & native Michigander...Barry (I love Michigan's four seasons. I REALLY DO!) Stutesman :-)

And then there is the "Ice Balls" or "boulders" of Lake Michigan....