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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

The Amazing Michigan Spirit of Accomplishments! SHOW 1851

It's all around us!

Michigan entrepreneurship is digging it's heals into this great lake state's soil determined to make Michigan the "land of opportunity"!

On this week's show we feature the "spirit of Michigan" creativity and talent as we visit the Standing Company of Saginaw and witness the amazing craftsmanship of wooden clock maker John Crews of Metamora!

Both of our features show that doing what you love and are inspired to do in Michigan can create amazing results through determination and "networking".......

Michigan IS the land of opportunity and dynamic resources if one just looks around and "asks"!

When I think back to the actual interviews and visits in these two features on this week's show #1851 I recall, vividly, the excitement and determination in following a dream our guests showed.

Join us on this week's show and get inspired!

Perhaps your dream is just waiting to materialize....and perhaps this show will show you "dreams can come true"!