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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Comments on this week's show 1844 OVER THE RIVER AND THROUGH THE WOODS!

Yup....Can you believe it?

We are heading into another holiday season!

First Halloween, then Thanksgiving....then...yes then....CHRISTMAS, followed closely by a brand new year!


Take a deep breath and ENJOY this time of the year!

We hope we can help you do that on this week's show with a fine leisurely sleigh ride in the N. Michigan Wilderness at Thunder Bay Resort!

The first segment is a ride we took back in February of this year when it was rather chilly.....alright down right, bone chilling COLD!..Even though we said on the show it was a TWO BLANKET trip to the lodge and the delicious gourmet meal.....I WOULD HAVE GIVEN MY EYE TEETH for a third...fourth and 5th blanket that day!...BUT IT CERTAINLY WAS WORTH IT! Watch the show and you'll see what we mean!

Also on the show we feature a small segment on "Pumpkin Chunkin" shared with us by Journalist and friend Jerry Nunn. Jerry and his crew filmed this event at Wellington Farm near Grayling. What we "northerners" will do for fun can stretch the imagination! Lots of fun here! Thanks Jerry!

You know it's the season of Good will and sharing as we present to you the Bikers 4 Kids get together at the Sportsman Bar and Grill on M30 North of Gladwin...The meal and auction proceeds go to needy kids and families during the Christmas season!

DON'T FORGET TO ATTEND THE EVENT THIS SATURDAY NOVEMBER 2ND 2013...The Door prizes, raffles, and auction items will astound you! IE: a four wheeler....guns and more! Check out the show and YOU'LL SEE EXACTLY WHAT WE MEAN!


Enjoy the show :-)