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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

What a Great Cowboy Days Celebration!

A big thank you to all the cowboys that made it here to Northern Michigan for this annual event!  What a wonderful treat for those kids and kids at heart!

Also it wouldn't have been possible without  the coordination 
and master of logistics of Michigan Magazine Producer Cliff Parent!

Cliff has been the master mind and producer of this event since it's beginning back in 2000!

We are so grateful that he involved Michigan Magazine and RFD TV into the formula to make the event another success!

With Clifford at the helm of this years event and with him already planning next years Cowboy Days be sure and stay tuned for Michigan Magazine TV's announcement of the 2014 dates!  Cliff and Michigan Magazine TV has some amazing surprises coming your way!

A big tip of the hat to those Cowboys who brought the old west to N. Michigan!

If you'd like to help out in next years event as a sponsor or volunteer phone Cliff at (989) 257-3603