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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

It was a beautiful early afternoon as we pulled into the Detroit Historical Societies beautiful renovated museum!

The museum is a story in itself...and we plan on returning to do just that. 14 million dollars in improvements and additions have been completed since our last visit over 10 years ago.

This was the perfect location for our visit and interview with 17 year old Luke Jaden of Detroit.

Luke is one of the state's youngest film directors around working on a documentary scheduled for release in late may.

The documentary deals with John Brown and Detroit's involvement in the underground railroad

We spent a few hours with Luke and his crew as they interviewed Kimberly Simmons of the Michigan Freedom Trail Commission..who also has a direct link to John Brown.

Kimberly's family has Detroit family history dating back nearly 200 years.

We are anxious to see how Luke and the crew will weave the story to Kimberly's testimony!

Our talk with Luke proved to be quite uplifting with his enthusiasm for "film making" quite contagious! With young up and coming film makers beginning to make their mark here in Michigan, the business, I believe will thrive despite the cut in State financial initiatives.

Michigan has much more to offer the film industry then tax breaks. The diverse geography is second to none AND the talented actors, technicians and behind the scenes pre and post productin talent is phenomenal! THAT will be the subject of another upcoming segment on Michigan Magazine.

My producer Dan Morgan and I were quite overwhelmed at the professionalism of Luke's crew and his dedication to his project!

Hope you will catch the interview on an upcoming segment!