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Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Saturday, November 25, 2017

Torso Man (Extraordinary Person Documentary) - Real Stories

This young man is extremely blessed!

Faced with an extraordinary life at birth he had no choice but to live life to it's fullest.

He and his foster parent did not hesitate to accept and pursue a destiny that would inspire thousands who did not know their own potential & how blessed THEY WERE!

Please watch and become inspired and pass along.

God does not make mistakes!

Monster Cookies...Make 'em and Bake 'em at the MM Kitchen circa1999

Tis the season!

As we prepare for the Christmas holiday we always like to get major projects like cookie making underway and completed to distribute to family & fiends! It makes the holiday extra special.

Here our friend (and my cousin) Reuel Detweiler "whips" up a batch of MONSTER COOKIES! ("Monster" refers to the size of the cookie and here the size of the batch)

To make the baking EXTRA SPECIAL bring the whole family into the picture!

PS: They freeze nicely!

Friday, November 24, 2017

LITTLE JIMMY DICKENS Recalls his "Michigan" years!

(Blissfield, Michigan)Country Music Hall of Fame inductee Little Jimmy Dickens visits with Michigan Magazine to recall his "Michigan" years at WKNX. Plus listen as Little Jimmy gives sage advice to new entertainers! Advice that's kept him active and loved as a performer well into his 90s. Little Jimmy passed away at the age of 94

R.I.P Tater

Bronner's: World's Largest Christmas Store | Pure Michigan

The wonderful world of Bronners is an amazing experience for the entire family!

Imagine THE WORLD'S LARGEST! You Can't get any better then this!

I've been there several times...Many times for the TV shows and many just to experience it with family and friends!

Memories for a life time are made each time we park our vehicle in the huge parking lot!

You will not regret the trip and your family will be drawn close and recall the day for generations!